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Alicia Keys x Moncler: the first selection of garments designed for a day in New York

New York Statue of Liberty

A selection of items for Moncler chosen by Alicia Keys, to dream, imagine and experience a day in New York.

Fashion is a language in constant evolution: its history, the choices of designers and stylists revised in the light of the times, tastes and trends are a profound testimony that is renewed every day before our eyes. There are many factors that are taken into account when thinking about a collection: intended for parties, special occasions, everyday life, often letting oneself be inspired by an environment, a need, a taste or a mix. The new Moncler project was born precisely in this light: to tell a day, a need, a dream with the garments . Artist Alicia Keys is the first to open this chapter of this stimulating project.

The Moncler garments selected by Alicia Keys open the first chapter of the digital Select project

Never as in this period imagination and dreams are precious moments. Still waiting to be able to return to travel more lightly, watching images, videos, series, which lead us to imagine that we can soon visit the most beautiful cities in the world is a panacea. What if we did it by taking a look at a collection that talks about the Big Apple? Alicia Keys on the occasion of Moncler’s Select project , has selected the garments that tell New York in winter from morning to evening, and allow you to experience it in style.

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Global partner of Moncler, Alicia Keys inaugurates a project that will continue in the next year and which involves personalities from the world of sport, fashion, business and entertainment, in a selection of themed garments. A project that, in line with Moncler’s desire and objective for next year, to work more on new ways of communicating with its public: ” We are always looking for new ways to interact with our customers and to offer them unique experiences. and engaging , capable of creating a strong sense of belonging to our community ”, explained Moncler President and CEO Remo Ruffini.

“A day in NYC”: living New York according to Alicia Keys from morning to night, with must-have items from the Big Apple

“New York, grew up in a town that is famous as a place of movie scenes, noise is always loud, there are sirens all around and the streets are mean” , we can’t help but sing the famous Empire State Building sung by Alicia Keys together to Jay Z, thinking about the selection that the winner of 15 Grammy Awards gathered to tell about her New York through Moncler garments. In fact, the idea is to virtually transport users into the atmospheres of the city , discovering hoc garments and accessories selected by the artist, of which it is also possible to listen to the latest album in streaming.

Moncler short down jacket
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The must-have pieces for the perfect New York day prefer the basic colors of white and black , flanked by a bright burgundy in the evening: Alicia Keys offers a super comfort ook , choosing the classic black Moncler down jacket in a long version to be tightened in waist with a belt, for a leisurely breakfast in Central Park. For the rest of the day, which Keys spends in the studio, a comfortable and light white total look, which alongside a white down jacket with a practical fit, a warm and enveloping knit dress.

And in the evening, it is impossible not to tell and experience New York through a touch of glamor , focusing on a black minidress with a ruffled skirt, to be softened and made jaunty with a dark brown luminous nylon down jacket. The entire selection can be viewed and purchased online.

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