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Iodine-rich foods: which are the most common and why they are good

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Foods rich in iodine: why they are good and which ones are easier to find. Let’s see them together, some of you might not expect.

Foods rich in iodine have always been considered important for the well-being of thyroid and, more generally, the whole organism. A deficiency of this element can in fact lead to various symptoms such as goiter, hypothyroidism, weight gain, temperature changes or excessive fatigue.
For this reason, according to the Ministry of Health, at least 150 mg daily. So let’s find out which foods contain the most.

Iodine: where is it located? Here are the foods that contain the most

Lo iodine it is present in the air (especially in sea areas) but also in food.

cibi con iodio
foods with iodine

Among the foods that contain iodine in abundance are algae growth, crustaceans and molluscs, fish, eggs, milk and meat. Fruits and vegetables also contain them but in varying quantities that change depending on the type of soil in which they were grown.

In this regard it is important to remember that if you choose to consume foods rich in iodine is necessary not to overdo it with their kitchenette. The heat in fact can make it disperse making iodine in foods less present.
To make sure you consume the right amounts, always the website of the Ministry of Health recommends supplementing it by taking iodized salt.

Does too much iodine hurt? Here’s what happens if you overdo it

When it comes to nutrition and what we integrate daily through food, balance is always the right goal to aim for. Even in the case of iodine, in fact, although it is highly recommended to take it in large quantities, one should not overdo it.

A diet too rich in iodine, in fact, can absurdly trigger thyroid problems, especially if it comes from supplement which, remember, should never be taken unless at the suggestion of the doctor.

Generally, simply choosing foods that are naturally rich in it is the best way to ensure the right intake without overdoing it. And only if you feel that you have problems about it or do not consume enough can you try with the iodized salt. All remembering not to overdo it even with this being rich in sodium, another substance that in excess can hurt.

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