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Alkaline diet: everything about the diet followed by American celebrities

Alkaline diet: everything about the diet followed by American celebrities

Find out everything about the alkaline diet: food, menu and all the advantages and disadvantages of this diet.

Have you ever heard of alkaline diet? It is a particular dietary style based on basic foods and on the limitation of acid foods. For this reason, it is a diet that brings many benefits and that it is also useful to fight cancer. So, without further ado, let’s find out everything you need to know about it.

What is alkaline diet?

This dietary regime was born from the theories of Young and involves eating more basic food than acid ones daily. The alkaline diet is based on the assumption that acid foods create problems on the balance between the body acid and basic, and therefore a risk of essential minerals shortage.

if you follow this diet, you will need to eat about 80% of alkaline foods daily and 20% of acid foods.

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What foods can you eat while following an alkaline diet? Definitely fruit and vegetables, but also nuts and oilseeds. If you follow this diet, you need to increase the intake of foods such as green vegetables (broccoli, celery, lettuce, cucumbers), extra virgin olive oil, mushrooms, beets, grapes, cauliflower, chilli pepper, but also beans, quinoa, garlic, radishes, apples and lemon.

Does the alkaline diet really work?

According to recent studies, the foods we eat on a daily basis change our body balance. These would increase the levels of blood acids, which can cause many diseases. They may vary from a simple fluid retention or kidney stones to more serious diseases, such as cancer and hypercholesterolemia. According to these studies, a greater care to our daily diet would surely be an effective method to prevent these disorders.

What is the relationship between the alkaline diet and cancer? There is no evidence about a diet able to defeat cancer, so neither is the alkaline one. Some people follow it simply to lose weight or as a body detox, but others are persuaded this diet has therapeutic properties on all cardiovascular diseases, although there is no scientific proof.


The benefits of the alkaline diet

Does this diet really works? It depends, obviously, on its application, but there are some of the advantages:

– Drinking a lot of water is the principle of the diet and, in general, it is fundamental for the proper functioning of the body.

– The increase of vegetables intake, and then of fibers and mineral salts.

– More control in life, great importance to physical activity and to sleeping,with a minimum of 8 hours of daily  rest, and a greater daily life balance. Following the pattern of the weekly alkaline diet, you will get excellent results.

Young theory on the alkaline diet: is it harmful?

Some doctors believe Young theories are unfounded and consider this diet dangerous for multiple reasons. First of all, the body does not receive the proper amount of each nutritional element, due to the elimination of some foods like meat and carbohydrates. Young theories are not supported by scientific references, because there is no need to vary our diet to another one we are not accustomed to. Our body is already able to maintain the organism Ph level.

However, the menu of the alkaline diet is wide and varied, but we recommend you to ask a doctor and nutritionist to learn more about it.

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