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All about Amuchina: what it is and what its uses are

Disinfectant gel

Amuchina is a disinfectant solution that is used for hands, surfaces, commonly used objects and even food: let’s find out more.

Amuchina is an Italian brand owned by the Angelini company, which purchased it in 2000, and specifically it is a series of products intended for environmental sanitation and disinfection, as well as industrial and body cleaning.

The Amuchina hand gel is certainly the best known , a formula based on denatured ethyl alcohol, but there are many products on the market with different chemical compositions , some based on sodium hypochlorite, NaClO, others with sodium chloride, such as the Amuchina Spray.

Amuchina Gel X-Germ: the hand sanitizer

As we have said, many people associate the generic term Amuchina with this specific product , among the most sold by the company. It is an antiseptic gel that is used to thoroughly disinfect the skin, especially the hands.

Disinfectant gel
Disinfectant gel

Its composition eliminates bacteria and germs on the skin surface: just pour on the palm of the hand a sufficient quantity to cover the whole surface, rub their hands for 30 seconds and repeat the operation. It is important to make sure that your hands are clean and smooth, otherwise the effectiveness will be reduced. You don’t need to use water or rinse your hands after use.

The practical portable packaging makes it a perfect product for travel and transfers, usable anywhere and by anyone .

Amuchina: uses and products

In addition to the X-Germ gel there are other products for the skin, such as Aloe Gel, Amuchina Skin and Amukine Med 0.05%. Besides the use for the skin, then, there are specific compositions for surfaces, foods, objects (such as toys or other elements with which they may come in contact children), and finally a professional clothing line, designed for cleaning and industrial hygiene, and understand descaling, pads and degreaser for kitchen, bathroom cleaners, floor cleaners and more. All products are described on the official brand website .

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