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All about cellulite: from causes to the best remedies to fight it!


Let’s find out all about this problem: how to eliminate cellulite, the causes, the types and the best DIY remedies!

Cellulite is a problem that most women accuse, and contrary to what you may think, it is not an exclusive only for those who are overweight. Getting rid of the so-called orange peel skin is very difficult, but fortunately it is not impossible. The factors that can help fight it are different, from proper nutrition to frequent sporting activities , with the addition of a few tricks that we will reveal later. Here’s all you need to know!

What is cellulite: the causes

At the origin of the causes of cellulite, there are different factors. Here are the main ones:

– Genetic causes: for this problem there is a genetic predisposition, which can lead the person to suffer the symptoms already in adolescence or later.

– Hormonal causes: water retention, which is the basis of the cellulite problem, is also caused by an excessive activity of estrogen .

– Circulatory problems: it can often happen that occur in the lower limbs muscle compression, which affects blood circulation. Its slowing down can promote cellulite.

– Stress and bad habits: some of our habits can favor this problem. The main ones include stress, sedentary life, bad rest, poor nutrition and lack of sport.


The types of cellulite

Let’s now see the main types of cellulite.

– Edematous cellulite: its origin usually lies in the hormonal imbalances that occur during adolescence, which cause the loss of elasticity of the vessels.

– Fibrous cellulite: to recognize this type, just do the classic test and “tighten” the skin with your hands: if you see that it will take on an appearance similar to a bag of marbles, you will have found it . The cause in this case is often due to a stagnation of liquids that is not treated.

– Sclerotic cellulite: it can usually happen that this is a sort of third and final stage of cellulite. It is also called hardened and takes on the classic “mattress” aspect, with very evident raised swellings and pains in the lower limbs that are accentuated if you pinch the affected area .

How to fight cellulite

You have certainly wondered, at least once in your life, how to remove cellulite. As we have said, this is a problem often linked to hormones, circulation and our genes, and therefore defeating it completely is very difficult. However, there are many remedies against cellulite: let’s see which are the best !

Exercises for cellulite: sports and more

Physical activity can help fight this problem. Among the most effective sports for cellulite are swimming pool activities, such as water aerobics , water fitness, but also zumba, gag and pilates

The chapter is different regarding the relationship between running and cellulite. Many argue that running tones up and helps the body fight it, others argue that on the contrary the small traumas generated by the foot that hits the ground can favor the production of lactic acid, and therefore make the problem worse.

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Cellulite massages: effective remedies

Cellulite cream? Yes, but don’t think it can work miracles ! The best thing is to apply a cream or massage oil with draining ingredients on the affected area (you can contact your doctor or pharmacy ) and do a DIY massage by performing circular movements from the bottom up. You can also end the sessions with small pinches, especially on the thighs and buttocks.

Diet and cellulite

Always remember that for most problems , the first gym is … your table! Try to eat a healthy diet, taking in lots of fiber, lots of fruit and vegetables, and especially drinking lots of water . At the same time there are many foods to avoid for cellulite , such as chocolate, coffee, alcohol and all fatty foods , fried and cold cuts.

Cellulite: natural remedies

There are many natural DIY remedies for orange peel skin. For example, you can dissolve coarse salt in a bathtub and immerse yourself completely (about 1 kg of salt and water at 40 ° C).

Another interesting method is to use coffee grounds, which have draining properties, to make a massage. Mix them with a drizzle of olive oil and apply to the affected area.

Finally, there are many essential oils that can help us tackle this problem . Among the most effective are those of lemon, birch and rosemary , which are used to make invigorating baths.

Finally, a final remedy are draining herbal teas , which help improve the body’s balance and metabolism, and allow us to get rid of all excess fluids.

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