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All about cholesterol: let’s find out what it is and how to keep it under control


Cholesterol is a fat that is partly produced by our body and partly taken with food. Let’s find out everything there is to know about it.

Cholesterol is a particular fat that has both internal and external origin, it is transported in our intestine by HDL (which is more commonly called good cholesterol) and LDL or bad cholesterol. When the latter reaches too high levels , one must be careful and try to prevent its formation: this can be done with food, but also with some specific products. Let’s find out more!

What is cholesterol and where is it found

Cholesterol, as mentioned, belongs to the lipid family, it is always present in our body and performs important functions. It turns out to be one of the components that make up the cell membrane and regulates its permeability, also some vitamins (such as vitamin D) and some male and female steroid hormones are synthesized from it.

We can say that its absence in the bloodstream would be catastrophic, however, even an excessive concentration can cause serious damage to health, especially due to the onset of dangerous heart diseases. When there is an excess of LDL cholesterol it sticks to the walls of the arteries creating a dangerous thickening that can lead to emboli or block the flow of blood to the heart.

The values ​​of good and bad cholesterol: what changes

In general, LDL-cholesterol tends to settle on the walls of blood vessels, and this can lead to problems such as arteriosclerosis and other diseases related to cardiovascular diseases .

The HDL-cholesterol, or the good one, on the contrary travels to the intestine and serves for the production of bile. In this case, on the contrary, the higher its value, the better.

In general, here are the ideal cholesterol values:

  • Total cholesterol : less than 200 mg / dl (i.e. milligrams for each deciliter of blood)
  • LDL cholesterol : The ideal level would be less than 115 mg / dL. Below 130 is considered normal.
  • HDL cholesterol : level above 50 mg / dl for women and 45 mg / dl for men. There is no ideal level: the higher, the better.

High cholesterol: the causes

Although cholesterol is largely produced by the body (which can therefore create too much, as well as too little), the first thing to understand if you have too high cholesterol levels is to analyze your diet: what are they? the foods that increase it?

In general, you need to be careful of fats , such as butter and lard, milk derivatives, fried foods and sweets. Even a sedentary life and a poor attitude to sport can worsen this value, as well as a family predisposition.

A first step, therefore, is certainly to pay attention to all these factors, to better control your diet and move as much as possible.

How to lower cholesterol: best products on the market

If diet and physical activity are not enough to lower the values, then there are perfect products to help us in this intent, to be used only after consulting your doctor despite the fact that they are mostly food supplements, 100% natural and with guaranteed results.


An excellent product is Lactoflorene in sachets, a supplement based on live lactic ferments with probiotic action . Contains fermented red rice, vitamin PP and coenzyme Q10 and helps maintain a normal level of cholesterol in the blood, as well as promotes the balance of intestinal flora, another important factor that contributes to the reduction of LDL levels.

This product, available in a practical pack of 20 coupled sachets, should be taken away from meals once a day.

Normolip 5

Another supplement to control cholesterol levels is Normolip 5, also based on fermented red rice and chromium, gamma oryzanol, coenzyme Q10 and policosanoliin. It does not contain gluten or milk derivatives, much less sugars, preservatives or artificial flavors : a 100% natural product to be taken with water once a day (one pack contains 60 capsules ).

Omega 3

Finally, alternatively, you can choose Omega 3 like that of Marco Viti, a supplement based on fermented rice and available in pearls format (a pack contains 60 and 2 must be taken per day ).

There are many other , non-branded supplements that may be right for you but which need to be taken carefully despite being natural.

Diet and high cholesterol: what to eat

Speaking of food, there are some foods that are particularly suitable for those with too high cholesterol values. In general, here are the main precautions to keep in mind:

• Consume healthy foods low in saturated fat.
• Prefer foods rich in fiber .
• Use light cooking methods, such as boiling , steaming or grilling.
Avoid fried foods and do not overdo it with milk and derivatives.

Then there are the foods that lower cholesterol such as fish, rich in omega 3, artichokes, oats, beans, lemon, nuts and soybeans.

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