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All about eyelash extensions: costs, sessions, methods, duration and contraindications

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions: cost, duration, ways to do them, contraindications and everything you need to know about eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are a beautiful beauty invention that allows all women to look beautiful without having to wear mascara every morning. How to thicken your lashes is one of the priorities for all those who want to take on a sexy look , or as they say… like a doe!

Before delving deeper into the subject and discovering everything about this beauty practice, we must clarify that this is not a treatment suitable for everyone : if you decide to do it, make sure you already have healthy and strong eyelashes at the base. Otherwise the glue used to stick them will cause you damage.

Another premise must also be made: rely on expert hands and do not go in search of absolute savings. So let’s see how eyelash extension works!

What are eyelash extensions: useful information

First of all, the lashes are applied thanks to the use of cosmetic glue . The treatment is done with eyes closed and lying down and usually a patch is used to divide the upper lashes from the lower ones, so as not to be affected. Then we proceed with the application and thanks to the help of tweezers the lashes are attached one at a time.

This particular way of proceeding is called one to one extension , but there are also other techniques, such as eyelash extension, and eyelash reconstruction or 3d eyelash extension or thickening (which can also be 4d, 5d and so on). in this case a number of lashes are included in each fan, which is applied instead of attaching a single extension to each lash.

Finally there is also the possibility of undergoing the Russian method, that is a 6d eyelash extension, which gives maximum volume.

Eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions: how long they last

The session lasts approximately 1/2 hours. The extensions last about three weeks , then obviously retouching and new applications are necessary, as these follow the fall of the natural ones.

The effect is truly gorgeous and you won’t need to apply mascara anymore! Once the treatment is finished, the extensions will give your face a wonderful effect and will give you an intense and penetrating look , without that semblance of pretense that false eyelashes give.

A tip: avoid using face masks , so as to allow a longer duration. In addition, beach lash extensions are ideal, they will certainly last a little less time, but you won’t have to use waterproof mascara !

Permanent false eyelash application: does it exist?

Are there permanent false eyelashes? In truth, many call them that but they do not last forever. Like the manicure, these must be applied cyclically , or rather the eyelash thickening and lengthening treatment must be renewed. How you do it? There is no difference from the above, and the duration is always 3 weeks. Then it will be necessary to repeat the treatment.

So more than talking about permanent false eyelashes we are talking about semipermanent .

Eyelash extensions: prices and materials

To have dream lashes you need to invest a little money. The first application costs between 150 and 200 euros , but it is also possible to spend 300 euros. Instead, as regards the adjustments, they will spend from 60 to 100 euros.

What are the materials used to lengthen the lashes? There are two types of materials, synthetic ones and natural ones, such as silk and mink hair . And also for this reason the price can vary. The most common are synthetic extensions, but if you opt for natural ones you will have a reduction in the risk of allergies, itchy eyes and facial discomfort.

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Eyelash extensions: contraindications

Some speak of a link between damage and eyelash extensions: is this really the case? We just talked about discomfort, itching and so on, but there’s more. In fact, this treatment can lead to contraindications especially to those who are subject to allergies to synthetic products.

There are also possible consequences from an aesthetic point of view: over time, in fact, changes in the evolution of the eyelashes could occur and this would make it difficult to comb them or give the desired effect.

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