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All about snow peas: properties, benefits and tips for cooking them


Snow peas: what they are and how to best benefit from the fantastic vitamin and energizing properties of this super legume.

Not everyone knows them, and many wonder: are the jackdaws legumes? The answer is yes, and besides this, they are also very good and do very well for our body! Also called eat-in peas or snow peas, they are legumes with remarkable slimming and energizing properties. Thanks to the low calorie content and the presence of fibers and proteins, they are ideal for those who want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Unlike the classic peas, these should not be grainy and can be eaten in their entirety: for example, they are ideal to be enjoyed seasoned with a drizzle of oil and cooked with a little tomato to also benefit from the antioxidant action. Let’s find out all their properties and how to best use them!

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The properties of jackdaws, a magical vegetable

Snow peas have significant beneficial properties that help you live better and feel more fit. First of all, they are rich in fiber , about 4 grams per 100 grams of product. This means that they help intestinal regularity and have a flat abdomen . Eating a dish of snow peas as a side dish, together with cooked or raw vegetables, will make you digest without difficulty and will help you fight the problem of constipation .

In addition, they are excellent for alleviating the sense of hunger and are therefore ideal for those who want to lose weight . Thanks to the ability to satiate and the reduced caloric intake you will not feel guilty and you will feel a feeling of satiety without being binged or having exceeded in the caloric quantity.

These legumes are also a cure-all for those who want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight because they are able to reduce the absorption of sugars and fats .

Nutritional values ​​of snow peas and calories

Consider that for every 100 grams of product they only have 20 Kcal, while sugars are around 4 grams: a real cure-all!

Thanks to the quantity of vitamins of group A, B, C and E and mineral salts they contain (phosphorus, potassium and above all iron), they can be considered natural energizing supplements . It is therefore advisable to eat a portion of snow peas two or three times a week to purify yourself and fill up on energy in a healthy and natural way.

Snow peas also have a good amount of iron , which makes them excellent in cases of deficiency of this mineral and to counteract situations of anemia . If you often feel tired you can benefit from the properties of this legume because thanks to the mix of vitamins and iron you will be able to feel more energetic.

These legumes also have various vegetable proteins (22%) and also contain phytates and saponins, substances that help reduce the absorption of sugars.

How to cook snow peas: delicious recipes

So now that we know all the benefits of this hybrid of vegetables and legumes, let’s go to the kitchen! The flavor of this food vaguely resembles peas , and therefore you can use them in a versatile way, making side dishes, but also first courses, velvety and much more.

For pan-fried snow peas, for example, just season them with garlic, oil, salt and pepper. Instead, to preserve their authentic taste, you can cook them for no more than 15 minutes in the steam. Or they can also be cooked stewed !

If instead you want to fully enjoy their properties, the best method is to eat them raw! Wash them well and remove the ends and the central thread that connects the two pods.

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