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All about the Melarossa free personalized diet: does it really work?

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The Melarossa website offers a free personalized diet, but is it reliable? How does it work? Do you have any contraindications? Let’s find out together!

Today we talk about the Melarossa diet, an online diet available for free, and which is loved by web users.

Everyone knows that to lose weight without taking risks, you need a personalized diet, made by a nutritionist according to your needs. Not everyone, however, can afford to turn to an expert and for this reason many people end up resorting to DIY diets , which not only don’t work, but can also do a lot of damage.

A good solution can be to follow the free personalized diet that provides. This site seems to be very reliable, because it is approved by SISA , the Italian Society of Food Science. Let’s see in detail how it works.

Melarossa diet for free: how it works

As we have anticipated, the website offers an ad personam diet for weight loss without risk and without too many sacrifices, with the advice of SISA experts. It is a Mediterranean type diet , which allows you to eat a little of everything, in the right quantities, and which does not have drastic results (you lose weight at most 1 kg per week).

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To receive this personalized diet for weight loss, you need to register on the site and create your account by entering an email address and password. Once registered, a questionnaire must be completed , which serves Melarossa’s experts to obtain detailed information on the patient’s weight and dietary habits.

The first data to be entered are gender, age, weight, height in centimeters, waist and hips circumference. Based on this data, the site processes the body mass index . The next step is to set your weight goal , i.e. how many kilos you want to lose. The site gives a range of possibilities, taking into account the body mass index.

The next step asks to insert the activities that take place daily , not only sports, but also study, rest, hygiene, relaxation, etc., to evaluate the energy needs. Finally, you can indicate your food preferences by selecting a food that you absolutely want to exclude and one that you prefer not to include in the diet. In addition, you can choose a vegetarian , but not a vegan diet. Once the registration process is over, you will receive a customized diet, made by an expert.

Melarossa diet: example

Make an example of diet could be misleading, since as we have already stated it is a personalized diet, which is based on characteristics, age, size and objectives of each subject.

In general, however, the Melarossa diet menu is based on light recipes but at the same time on the food balance , which in a few words means eating everything, but balancing the doses well and alternating different foods during the week. In general, these are the daily percentages

– about 50-55% carbohydrates

– about 20% protein

– about 20-30% fat.

Space therefore for bread, pasta and rice (as opposed to many diets that prohibit carbohydrates), but also for fats and proteins , especially white meats and fish. Allowed vegetables and fruit, instead try to avoid the so-called junk food, alcohol, excessive and fried seasonings.

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The results of the Melarossa Diet: does it work?

What many people who surf the web are wondering if the Melarossa diet really works. We have not tried it, but we can consider it reliable, both because it is approved by SISA , and because numerous testimonies of people who have managed to lose weight and revolutionize their eating habits thanks to this diet are published on the official website and on various forums. In short, opinions on the Melarossa diet are mostly positive.

There should be no great risk to following the personalized diet of, because it is not a drastic diet. However, it does have some limitations: it is not possible to exclude foods to which you are allergic or intolerant and you cannot receive a vegan diet. But let’s go into detail.

Melarossa diet: the advantages

Specifically, the benefits of this diet are many. It will be trivial, but it is a free diet, and therefore can avoid us having to pay a nutritionist who follow us in our weight-loss path.

Another check regarding the advantages is that it is a balanced diet, and therefore we must not resign ourselves to large sacrifices and risk falling into temptation!

Weight loss, for this reason, is not rapid . Indeed, on the contrary, this is a weight loss diet that guarantees slow but constant weight loss, and this is an advantage since we are far from those fast diets but which do not guarantee maintenance.

Moreover, the official website offers many options, from the shopping list to the customizations in case you have to eat outside the home, going from other modifiable tools, the vegetarian variant and much more.

Melarossa diet: the disadvantages

Let’s start by saying that there are no big contraindications for those who decide to follow this diet, even if some nutritionists claim that once the menu has been drawn up one should still hear the opinion of a doctor.

More than contraindications, in any case, Melarossa has some limitations , such as the impossibility of choosing a vegan diet, not being able to report intolerances and allergies or excluding more than two unwelcome foods.

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