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All the properties and uses of the yarrow essence

Yarrow flower

Let’s discover the yarrow essential oil, an essence with many beneficial properties, among which we remember above all hemostatic ones.

The yarrow essential oil is obtained from Achillea millefolium , a herbaceous plant rich in flowers , which form a flower head at the top of the stem. We are talking about a plant that grows mainly in mountainous areas , in uncultivated fields and at the edges of paths, up to over two thousand meters above sea level.

The yarrow, very common in Northern Italy, is a plant rich in beneficial properties . Property that also transfers to the essential oil obtained from it: let’s discover them.

The properties of yarrow essential oil

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Yarrow essential oil has several beneficial properties. First, the essence has the effect of promoting hemostasis , the process by which bleeding is stopped. Which makes it great for fighting bleeding or other conditions like hemorrhoids .

This essential oil is also a great help against problems related to the menstrual cycle . It is able to reduce an excessive flow of blood (this function is linked to its hemostatic properties) but also to resolve other ailments such as absence of menstruation or pain .

The yarrow essence has positive effects on the skin, helping it to regenerate itself in case of irritation, scars, burns, dermatitis and much more. In addition, it has relaxing effects and helps fight stress and insomnia. Finally, it works against inflammation and muscle spasms.

Uses and contraindications

Yarrow essential oil can be used in several ways. First of all, it can be used, if properly diluted in vegetable oil – about two or three drops per 15ml of vegetable oil are recommended – as massage oil . Going to spread it on the affected area will help fight skin ailments, pains, inflammations, bleeding and problems related to the menstrual cycle.

To obtain its relaxing effects , against insomnia and stress, just spread the essence in the air through a diffuser of aromas and essential oils .

Before using yarrow essential oil, it is good to seek expert advice . In addition, to avoid side effects it is good not to abuse them, not to administer to pregnant women, children or in case of epilepsy.

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