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All the properties and uses of vetiver essential oil

Essential oil

Vetiver essential oil is a little-known essence but full of beneficial effects: let’s discover its properties and possible uses.

The essential oil of vetiver is obtained from Chrysopogon zizanioides , a herbaceous plant also known by the common name of vetiver. We are talking about a plant native to India , more precisely of its western and northern part, where it is known with the alternative name of khus. Vetiver is grown in different areas of the world , mainly in the neighboring countries of India and in North America and can grow up to a meter and a half in height.

The interesting part of Chrysopogon are the roots , from which an essential oil rich in properties is obtained: let’s find out.

The properties of vetiver essential oil

Vetiver essential oil has several beneficial properties. First of all, let’s remember its antiseptic abilities , suitable for fighting skin and scalp fatness . However, to obtain a better effect it is usually combined with tea tree essential oil or, alternatively, with lemon essential oil.

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Among the other properties of the essence extracted from the root of the vetiver, we mention its pain-relieving functions able to combat joint pain and muscle spasms. In addition, it stimulates the immune system by helping those who use it to fight disease.

Finally, it helps against stress , promotes concentration and is excellent in case of tiredness , both mental and physical, as it has a tonic action.

Possible uses and contraindications

First of all, it is necessary to remember that vetiver essential oil is not recommended for internal use. If you want to combat the fatness of the skin or scalp, you can dilute a few drops in your shampoo or shower gel and wash with the solution obtained.

In all other cases, it is possible to dilute the essence in vegetable oil and use what has been obtained as a massage oil . The recommended dose is about two or three drops in 15ml of vegetable oil. Obviously, against muscle or joint pain, the mixture will be spread in the affected area.

To avoid side effects , it is advisable to avoid internal use and not to use it in children or pregnant women. It is also important not to exceed the recommended doses .

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