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All the properties of cumin essential oil


Cumin essential oil has several beneficial properties, mainly divisible into three categories: let’s find out.

Cumin essential oil is obtained from Cuminum cyminum . We are talking about a herbaceous plant characterized by a thin branched stem, which can reach thirty centimeters in height. Cumin originates from the Mediterranean maquis but soon spread to America. Its essential oil is obtained through seeds , through the distillation process, and has several beneficial properties: let’s find out.

Cumin essential oil, the properties

Cumin essential oil has several beneficial properties , which can be divided mainly into three categories.

Cumin seeds
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The anti-inflammatory properties , which help fight pain. In particular, it acts against arthritic pain . The latter, usually caused by rheumatoid arthritis, are the result of a prolonged inflammatory state.

We also remember the digestive properties . In fact, the essence of cumin promotes the activity of the intestine and liver, promoting digestion. In addition, it helps fight abdominal pain , such as colic, caused by a sudden spasm or contraction of the intestine, and swelling .

Finally, it has excellent calming properties . In particular, its action focuses on the nervous system and helps to rebalance emotional states. Fights psycho-emotional disorders , driving away anxiety, stress and nervousness. As these conditions disappear, you will also get rid of some related symptoms, such as stomach ache or headache.

Uses and contraindications

There are several ways to use cumin essential oil. First, it can be taken orally . It is possible to consume a couple of drops a day, preferably in two separate moments, after diluting them in a carrier (olive oil, sugar).

It is also possible to dilute the essence in vegetable oil and make massage oil to be applied on painful or inflamed areas. About 3 drops are recommended in a tablespoon of oil (approximately 15 ml).

Another solution is to use an aroma and essential oil diffuser . The essence will spread in the air and will have relaxing effects . Finally, it is possible to try cumin water which, made with seeds like essential oil, has countless beneficial properties.

When using cumin essence it is good not to abuse it and always follow the recommended doses. To avoid side effects it is advisable to consult an expert before using them, as it can be irritating. Avoid if pregnant and do not give to children.

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