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All the rules to prevent wrinkles in a natural way

How to avoid wrinkles

Preventing wrinkles is better than treating them with a scalpel. Let’s see how to do it naturally.

Everyone sooner or later finds themselves fighting against wrinkles on the face . The main cause is the advancing age, but also genetics and some bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol, have their faults.

After the age of thirty, many women begin to wonder how to eliminate wrinkles, but in reality it would be better to prevent them than to cure them. Let’s see how to do it with some simple precautions and with natural remedies .

How to prevent facial wrinkles

The first thing to do to prevent wrinkles is to eliminate bad habits that can anticipate their appearance. Among these we find above all smoking , which causes premature aging of the skin, as well as the abuse of alcohol , coffee and refined sugars. We must then try to reduce stress , have a balanced diet and exercise regularly. In short, it is important to have a healthy life.

It is essential, then, to always protect the skin from the sun , using a face cream with sunscreen even in the city and even in winter. To prevent crow’s feet around the eyes, it is best to use sunglasses during the day, to protect the skin and to avoid squinting.

Every day the skin must be carefully cleaned, with delicate products and without rubbing (remove the make-up remover wipes from your beauty routine). For the eyes, always use a two-phase make-up remover, which dissolves makeup without having to rub too much. Don’t forget to use a scrub twice a week and periodically do a professional facial cleansing.

Even if you have oily skin, after washing your face you must immediately apply a moisturizer . From the age of 30, it is best to use an anti-wrinkle product . There are many effective anti-wrinkle creams on the market, but we recommend those based on natural ingredients. One last tip: before going to bed, apply a few drops of argan oil or rosehip oil on the eye and lip area, two very powerful natural wrinkles.

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