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All the tricks to apply the nail polish alone, without smudging

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Putting on your nail polish flawlessly is not impossible, just put some very easy tricks into practice. Let’s find out which ones!

We should all learn how to apply nail polish, because having manicured hands is important, but we can’t always go to the beautician to do a manicure . To apply the nail polish on your own without smudging and streaking, you must first buy quality products and then resort to some tricks, such as using oil on the cuticles. Let’s see in detail all the tricks needed to do a great job!

5 tips to get the best nail polish

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– Clean your nails. The first thing to do is remove any residue of previous polish from the nails, using an acetone-free solvent. Then they wash their hands well with warm water and soap.

– Eliminates cuticles. To make nail polish adhere well, cuticles must be removed. Do not cut them, but push them back with a wooden stick and feed them with a specific oil. The oil must then be removed from the nails, leaving it on the cuticles. This will help keep the nail polish from sticking to it.

– Apply base polish. Before applying the colored nail polish, you need to use a transparent protective base and let it dry completely.

– Apply the colored nail polish. To spread the nail polish well you need to make a first pass with very little product, applying it first on the tip of the nail and then in the center, keeping away from the cuticles. This first coat of color is dried and then another one is done, always using little product. Don’t worry if after the first coat the enamel shows streaks, they will disappear with the second one. Using too much product, you risk that it does not dry well and is damaged immediately.

– Use a top coat. To make the nail polish last longer, the manicure should be finished with a thin layer of clear top coat.

How to apply nail polish without smudging

– Put the oil on your cuticles. To prevent the nail polish from sticking to the cuticles, a little oil is applied. When they wash their hands the color will go away.

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– Use duct tape. To be more precise, a little adhesive tape can be applied to the edges of the nails.

– Use cotton swabs and acetone. If the cuticles are dirty despite everything, the excess nail polish can be removed with a cotton swab dipped in acetone.

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