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All uses of hair oil: from wraps to detox treatments

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The uses of hair oil are innumerable and concern both the preventive and protective effect but also the regenerating, smoothing and nourishing one. Let’s discover them all!

Taking care of your hair does not just mean treating it gently during shampooing or brushing. A true beauty expert knows the uses of hair oil and all the techniques to make the best use of it, for the well-being and shine of one’s hair.

It can be used as a pre-shampoo pack to deeply nourish or as a basic ingredient for a detox treatment of the scalp. And not only that: as a smoothing, polishing or disciplining… Here are all the techniques for making the best use of natural hair oil!

How to best use hair oil

Whether it’s a coconut , castor, argan or jojoba oil, it makes little difference if you know exactly how to use it. In fact, not everyone knows the beauty power that lies behind the small bottles with a doser cap. As a regenerating, polishing, or smoothing but also perfect for a detox treatment on the scalp. Here’s how to best use it:

  • As a pre-shampoo pack . To deeply nourish the hair, gently massage a few drops of oil (5-6) over the entire length, lingering on the tips. After laying for about half an hour, you can proceed with the shampoo.
  • As a polishing and fixing crease . The hair oil in small quantities helps to give a luminous effect to the finished crease as well as to fix it. Whether it is smooth, wavy or curly, just distribute 2 drops of oil on the length after heating it for a few seconds between the palms of the hands. The effect will be super bright and defined like never before!
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  • As a detox treatment . If you have an irritated scalp with cuticles, scales, dermatitis or dandruff, hair oil is for you. Just apply it on the most reddened areas and leave it on for about half an hour before proceeding with the shampoo. A truly effective remedy to combat dandruff and deeply nourish the cure.

Disciplining oil to be applied before styling

Another gem to know in terms of hair oil is the one that sees it as an ally to regulate and fix the hair . In this case, after washing the hair, it will be necessary to dry it a bit to reduce the humidity without completing the work.

At this point, just apply a few drops of oil (3-4), after having them scratched between the palms, on the length of the hair (never on the skin or forehead I recommend). The result will be a greater fixity of the setting. It uses without any growth effect or humidity!

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