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All you need to know about face fillers


Let’s find out together this common treatment: here’s what the face filler is and what you need to know about it!

According to some statistics of the American Society for Aestetic Plastic Surgery, a lot of people use fillers. With this treatment, pharmaceutical products are injected to improve the aesthetic look. In this case, we are talking about the face filler, which seems to be more and more widespread, together with lip fillers. It is not invasive like plastic surgery and is not permanent, which is why many people resort to this treatment in order to correct or improve their small imperfections. Let’s learn something more about it!

Face filler, what you should know

The fillers modifies and/or improves the face, filling up wrinkles and scars caused by acne or skin problems. Another reason why people usually resort to this treatment is to give volume to their cheekbones.


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The fillers can be absorbed, therefore their duration can vary. There are two types of products: the difference between them lies in their composition, which may be synthetic or organic. The treatment can last a few months, given that it is divided into several sessions. In order to see the final result, it is necessary then to wait a little bit.

It may just seem an injection, but it actually is a real medical procedure that can have side effects. The treated tissues can weaken or the area can react with an inflammation. In order to avoid permanent damages, the best choice is to see a professional.

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