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Allergic cough: what it is and how to treat it

woman blows nose

Allergic cough is one of the many symptoms of respiratory allergies. Let’s find out why it occurs and how to treat it.

Among the many types of cough that exist, one of the most annoying is undoubtedly the allergic cough. It is in fact a type of cough that occurs without warning and which once started is difficult to calm down. As the name suggests, it is a problem that depends on respiratory allergies . Reason for which you will have to act on them in order to obtain results.

Allergic cough: symptoms

Allergy cough can manifest itself as a fat or dry cough and vary over time. It can therefore be said that allergic cough has quite common symptoms and for this reason, it can sometimes be difficult to recognize it. When this happens it is because it occurs in hot periods or far away from flu problems or related to seasonal colds.

woman blows nose
woman blows nose

In fact, this type of cough occurs especially in the presence of pollen, molds, mites, animal hair and substances to which one is allergic. In some cases it can also occur after eating foods containing allergens . Among other things, it can also be caused by allergic diseases of various kinds. In fact, there are allergic rhinitis and asthma coughs.

How to cure allergic cough

Since this is a problem related to allergies, the only effective way to get rid of an allergic cough is to understand its origin and avoid contact or proximity with the substances to which you are allergic. However, there are situations in which doing so can be difficult if not impossible. In this case it is necessary to contact the allergist to find suitable remedies.

Generally antihistamines or cortisones are prescribed while for a more natural approach it is possible to use products based on currant nigrum to be started during the winter season.

In any case, it is always good to be followed by a doctor (even better if by an allergist) in order to understand all the actual causes and find a solution that is as personalized as possible. Which often happens when you change your lifestyle and start eating differently.

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