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Allergy to cats: symptoms and remedies to counteract it

cat allergy

Cat allergy is a more common problem than you think. Let’s find out what it depends on, how to recognize it and how to act when it occurs.

Anyone who suffers from cat allergy is well aware of how insidious it can be. It is in fact a real allergy which, as such, brings many inconveniences to those who suffer from it.If normally, to treat an allergy, the first advice is to not go near the source that triggers everything, this is obviously impossible. when it comes to the house cat.

Who, in fact, would separate from their pet due to the allergy? Fortunately, there are more and more possibilities to counteract the symptoms and be able to better live life with your pet.

Cat allergy: causes and symptoms

Before talking about the various remedies for cat allergy, it is important to rule out other possible causes.

cat allergy
cat allergy

Which can usually be done with a visit to the allergist and going by exclusion.
Generally, cat allergy has very specific symptoms which are:

– Frequent sneezing
Red eyes
– Itching
– Tearing of the eyes
– Asthma

Going to the causes, the allergy to the cat’s fur is mainly given by a protein emitted by the feline, called Fel d1 . This originates from the sebaceous glands and when the cat licks it remains on the fur, triggering attacks when it is stroked. For this reason, the idea that the allergy is due to the cat’s fur is wrong. In fact, every symptom has to do with the protein emitted by his saliva.

Allergy to the cat: the remedies to be implemented

When you have a cat allergy, what to do is very important. First of all, in fact, you can avoid stroking him or being particularly close to him when he licks. At the same time it is important to avoid that the cat licks and if this happens it is advisable to wash immediately. That said, there is some sort of oral cure (called a vaccine) that helps the immune system gradually get used to the protein.

In case of emergencies, after agreement with your doctor, you can resort to antihistamines or similar.
Finally, if you do not have a cat yet because they are allergic but you really want to have one, it may be useful to know that there are some cats that are less dangerous than others. Among these, the Siberian cat stands out in particular, emitting the protein that triggers allergy in extremely small and almost zero quantities.

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