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Allergy to nickel and tattoos: what you need to know to avoid taking risks

girl with tattoo

Nickel allergy and tattoos are two worlds that don’t usually get along. Let’s find out why and what you need to know about it.

Do you want to get a tattoo but are allergic to nickel? In this case, you need to be very careful . In fact, tattoos can be dangerous for allergy sufferers, leading to eczema, dermatitis and even worse consequences that should therefore be checked thoroughly.

Tattoos and allergies: what you need to know

girl with tattoo
girl with tattoo

It is now known that choosing to get a tattoo can lead to some complications. From infections (which can be eliminated by choosing a center that makes use of all the necessary hygiene rules) to adverse reactions, it is always good to get information before taking action.

A tattoo, in fact, can lead to allergic reactions, even late ones and often not resolvable with the simple use of corticosteroids. You can in fact be allergic to some components of the ink, to the needle but also to gloves (in case of allergy to latex).

Among the allergies to which it is necessary to pay more attention, however, the most important is that to nickel.
In fact, tattoo ink contains nickel . And although this is almost always present only in minimal quantities, based on the degree of allergy, the consequences can also be serious.

In recent years, to meet the needs of those who, despite the nickel allergy, wish to get a tattoo, nickel tested tattoos have been created. Nevertheless, many doctors still advise against its use. And this is because a possible allergic reaction cannot be completely avoided. For this reason, before deciding what to do, it would be advisable to ask your allergist for an opinion.

Nickel allergy: how to tell if you have this problem and what to do

Typically, nickel allergy sufferers have a whole range of symptoms that are not always easily recognizable. Among the most common are:

– Dermatitis in the presence of necklaces, bracelets and sometimes even make-up or soaps
– Migraine
– Bloating or stomach ache
– Weight gain
– Change of mood

This allergy exists both from contact and via food, it is from accumulation and has different degrees. To recognize it, in case of doubts or if you want to get safe before getting a tattoo, you can request a patch test. This is performed in a day hospital at a hospital where, based on the result obtained, a list of common accessories to avoid and foods not to be consumed will be given .

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