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Allergy to the sun: what it is and how to recognize it

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Sun allergy is a particular reaction of the immune system to the sun’s rays. Here’s how to recognize it.

Sun allergy is a problem of which little is known yet but which in the warmer months is a cause of great discomfort for anyone who suffers from it. Also called photoallergy , it is a reaction that the immune system carries out in the sunlight. It typically manifests itself in different ways that result in rashes on the skin and which can vary from person to person. However, it is very important to learn to recognize it in order to take care of it in the right way .

Sun allergy: what are the symptoms to recognize

flushed face
flushed face

The causes of light allergy are not yet fully understood. What is certain is that the immune system tends to deteriorate when it detects changes in the skin due to sunlight. When this happens, the immune defenses are activated, among which there is also the allergy. Among the symptoms to recognize are:

– Reddened skin
– Blisters
– Sore skin
– Hives

Furthermore, sun allergy can give rise to some forms of dermatitis which are:

– Solar polymorphic dermatitis which is often caused by frequent sun exposure.
– Hereditary solar polymorphic dermatitis. Similar to the first but inherited which tends to appear at a very young age.
– Photoallergic dermatitis which usually occurs when you come into contact with a chemical or which is applied to the skin.

For a real diagnosis, skin tests or so-called photopatch tests can sometimes be used. Specific blood tests or a skin biopsy to be performed in order to rule out the possibility of other pathologies may also rarely be recommended.

How to cure sun allergy

Unfortunately, there is no real cure for sun allergy. However, some preventive strategies can be implemented.

The first is obviously not to expose yourself to the sun or to do it gradually to reduce the effects on the skin. Sunscreen is always recommended but, in some cases and always on medical advice, you can opt for antihistamines in order to reduce the unpleasant effects of allergy .

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