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Almond nails: how to do them and who they are good for

Almond nails

Almond nails are very elegant and feminine. Let’s find out together how to do them and who they look good on.

One of the most beautiful shapes to give to long nails is the almond-shaped one, slightly pointed. Unfortunately, almond nails are difficult to make and maintain, because this shape makes them more fragile than the natural one.

But with the right products and a suitable file, nothing is impossible. Let’s see how to make almond-shaped nails without weakening them , but achieving a perfect result.

Who can do almond nail art

Almond nails
Almond nails

The first thing you need to know is that you can’t get pointed nails if you don’t have a free edge (the white bezel at the tip, so to speak) at least one centimeter long . Furthermore, going from the square shape to the almond shape or vice versa, you will inevitably lose a few millimeters in length: if you like short almond nails no problem, otherwise you could try to wait a few more weeks before making them. Also, if you have brittle nails that tend to flake, this nail shape may not be the most suitable for you, unless you want to make almond nails with gel.

One more thing there is to say before moving on to the practical part of the realization: almond nails optically lengthen the fingers , so they give particularly to those who have them short and a little thick. Obviously, they also look great on those with tapered hands, but for those girls with long and very thin fingers they may not be particularly suitable. Not convinced? Start learning all the steps then you decide if almond nails look good on your hands or not.

How to do almond nails

Having said that, let’s see how to file almond-shaped nails, in fact the secret is the filing, which must be done with care and precision. Are you ready? Lime in hand we describe step by step a tutorial for almond nails with a guaranteed result:

File your nails
File your nails
  1. The first step is to clean the nails with a solvent, to remove any nail polish residues.
  2. Then equip yourself with a thick-grained cardboard file and start filing the sides of the nail, giving it a “shark” shape, ie intermediate between the stiletto (the pointed one) and the square (the square one). In practice, the nails must narrow towards the tip, but the latter must be square.
  3. After obtaining the shark shape, file the tip to round it .
  4. At this point, you can leave the tip rounded, or file the sides further, to make it more pointed. Know, however, that the more pointed it will become, the more fragile it will become.

And here you are, ready to be colored, your almond nails! We told you it would be worth it. Before moving on to making them with gel at home, we give you two small tips to make almond nails more resistant: if your natural nails are healthy and strong, always use a strengthening base before applying the polish and apply a nourishing oil. when you remove it; if they are fragile and tend to break, do a gel manicure.

Almond-shaped nails with gel

Working with the gel is definitely more difficult and demanding, so if you are not practical we recommend that you try the “natural” version or, in any case, have a lot of patience: it will take a while before you get the result that you want with the DIY gel nail design .

It’s time to explain all the steps to you:

  1. Also in this case make sure to wash your hands and nails thoroughly to remove any dirt residue with the help of a special solvent.
  2. Remove the cuticles carefully and continue filing the nails.
  3. Now apply the primer and place the papers on all fingers.
  4. At this point you can give your nail the length and thickness you prefer by modeling it on the paper with the gel. (this is the most challenging step that you will have to try and try again before getting a good result).
  5. Once you have achieved the thickness and elongation that is suitable for you (for each layer you will have to proceed with a cooking in the oven) you can also file the part of the gel to create the shape you prefer .
  6. Follow the information given above step by step to create a perfect almond nail and, finally, clean your nails well and choose the nail polish that suits you.

And here are your rebuilt almond nails . With this technique, if you are an expert, you can also make decorated almond nails, however if you are not sure of the result we recommend that you go to professionals to carry out the entire reconstruction.

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