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Always be cold: why it happens and the remedies to be adopted

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Some people, even if they cover themselves with sweaters and blankets, still feel cold. Let’s find out the causes of this disorder and how we can intervene to solve it.

People perceive the outside temperature differently but, although this is normal, there are individuals who claim to be cold all the time . These people, despite using warm clothing, during the winter season perceive a barely acceptable temperature . It should be known that this condition is not only psychological, but is due to specific causes. In fact, always being cold is often linked to hormone and diet problems and, in the most serious cases, to the thyroid and circulatory system. So let’s find out what are the causes of this disorder and how to intervene.

Always be cold: hormonal causes

As we have said, always being cold is a fairly common ailment and is linked to several factors. However, it should be known that the individuals most prone to this condition are women, especially due to the lower basal metabolic rate, which exposes them more to the cold. However, hormones also play a fundamental role in the perception of temperature.

cold woman
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In particular, the influence of estrogen means that, in the different phases of the menstrual cycle, women feel more or less cold. Also, regardless of gender, another cause of this disorder is emotional reactions. In fact, when you are scared or feel very strong emotions, the blood vessels narrow and it is this process that makes you feel colder.

Always be cold: circulation and thyroid

One of the most common problems related to always being cold is having hands, feet and extremities always frozen. This problem may be caused by poor peripheral blood microcirculation. Obviously it does not mean that you suffer from serious diseases of the circulatory system, but exposes you to a different perception of cold.

In these cases the symptoms are very characteristic and are skin pallor and difficulty in adapting to the external temperature. Other factors could be decompensation or altered conditions of the thyroid, especially hypothyroidism . In fact, you need to know that the thyroid produces the hormones that regulate thermogenesis. So if it is slower it can make you feel colder constantly.

Always be cold: food causes

Another aspect to keep under control when you are always cold is your diet. In fact, following too strict diets without consulting your doctor or consuming foods that are too low in calories can offset the perception of temperature. Iron is also very important and must be taken in the right quantities without exceeding or consuming too little.

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Avoid relying on animal proteins alone as they do not ensure the right amount of iron. On the other hand, even following a vegetarian or vegan diet is not synonymous with iron deficiency, on the contrary, foods such as legumes are excellent for supplementing this element. In any case, however, iron alone is not enough, because if you want to feel less cold you need to consume vitamin C , which is useful for facilitating the assimilation of iron.

Always be cold: remedies and solutions

To avoid being always cold you can follow a few simple precautions. First of all, you must avoid heat loss and try to keep your temperature constant. For this it is better to use clothes made of natural fibers and which do not impede circulation. In addition, a fundamental role is played by the lifestyle that must be as healthy as possible.

In fact, it is advisable to follow a balanced and complete diet, but also to carry out constant physical activity, useful for regulating thermogenesis . Finally, to warm up you can drink tea or herbal teas, but it is better to avoid alcoholic beverages that initially heat up but being vasodilators increase the perception of temperature.

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