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Amazon Prime Days have arrived! The best wellness and beauty offers

Wellness and beauty

Have you already peeked at all the Amazon Prime Day 2021 offers? In order not to miss the best wellness and beauty themes, we are here!

Pointed like a Swiss watch and loyal to its customers, Amazon Prime Day 2021 has arrived again this year. Two days of super offers on the entire platform: from tech to home furnishings , kitchen and clothes … and yes even the health and personal care category hides many surprises! Do you need an anti-cellulite cream to settle down before the holidays but the shopping is always “too much” ? Do you want to get back into shape by starting with the weight calculation with an intelligent scale? Or have you always wanted to buy a good quality hair straightener? This is the right place to find what you are looking for… other than celebrating the beginning of Summer ! Here the real event is Prime Days!

Wellness offers

Let’s start with the offers in the health and wellness category. If you went to see the Prime section of the site, you immediately saw how many discounts and offers Amazon has put in place. Among these we have selected the most interesting ones, which can help you in everyday life or be an appreciated gift for a birthday or an important occasion.

Wellness and beauty
Wellness and beauty

– The infrared thermometer . Certainly not among the most beautiful products, but certainly an infrared thermometer is certainly useful in this period, where Covid seems to be more in the grip but it is not yet, absolutely, won. It is simple to use and safe in all circumstances, it could be useful at home or in case of doubt when you are out and about. It is very convenient to carry and there are many models . The model we have chosen for you is well discounted by 61% !

Smart bathroom scale. This can be a nice gift, or a self-gift to start your weight loss or muscle strengthening program with determination. With smart scales you will not only know your weight, there are some that also calculate BMI, body fat, lean weight, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, body water, skeletal muscle , muscle mass, bone mass, protein, BMR and metabolic age. . The model we have chosen from those proposed on the platform calculates all these data, is a professional scale and is discounted by 56% .

Electric toothbrush . For oral hygiene and well-being, a quality electric toothbrush is always recommended. Also in this case the choice is wide, the best brands have studied very valid … and expensive! The toothbrush we have chosen is Philips, connected to the dedicated app and with a travel case to carry it with you always. The discount is important, it is exactly half: 50% less for the final price.

Amazon Prime Day 2021: beauty offers

Let’s move on to the beauty and personal care section. If you don’t know how to orient yourself among the Amazon Prime offers, don’t be afraid, with our small selection we will take care of your skin, hair and body.

Electric epilator. In view of the summer holidays, finding a good and equipped epilator is essential to always be ready for the swimsuit test on the beach. The models on the market focus on the delicacy of use, the battery charge, the fact of being able to use it wirelessly and its yield in terms of number of tweezers. The one proposed by us has 40 tweezers and a flexible head, not to mention the massage accessory after use. The discount? 47% .

Anti-wrinkle night cream. At night, while we rest, the skin works to regenerate itself. This is why using the right products is essential to combat skin aging and maintain beautiful and healthy skin. The face creams that have these characteristics are very expensive, the one chosen by us has a discount of 37% .

Anti-cellulite cream. “Damn cellulite to us two”, how many times have you ever said it? Especially with the arrival of summer? There are many remedies for cellulite : from natural ones, to aesthetic interventions and also to good practices to improve and prevent it. Among these remedies there is certainly the anti-cellulite cream, the one selected for you is thermogenic and has a total discount of 60% .

Hair straightener. Last, but not least, a hair straightener could not be missing that is able to tame your hair always and in a way that respects the skin. For you one of the top of the range in the sector, Imetech Bellissima for wide and narrow wave hair with a natural effect. The discount, on Amazon Prime Days 2021, is 42% .

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