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Amber Slate: the new hair color you must try!

Amber Slate: the new hair color you must try!

Amber Slate: this new hair color is already popular on social networks and among the stars. It is a mix of warm shades!

In 2019 there is a new hair color trend: the Amber Slate. It is a very clear and bright shade that lights your hair and face up.

There are always new ideas to dye our hair, and the most famous hair stylists and colorists always propose new trends. This one is already popular on social networks. In particular, influencers and stars have already posted many photos on Instagram with this new color.

Amber Slate: all about the new hair color for 2019!

It was the famous London colorist Zoe Irwin who launched this new trend at the beginning of the year. A lot of people have already fallen in love with it. This color is a mix of various shades: copper red, bronze, caramel and honey blonde.

Amber Slate: the new hair color you must try!

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This nuance evokes the atmoshpere of 1970s. It actually reminds us of the past, with some melancholy and a pop return. This color tones are very warm, ideal during the cold season. However, they are applied on a cold surface, which creates a magical contrast.

This year, the fashion color is mustard. It perfectly matches with this hair nuance! The creator of this new dye explained: “It is fresh and more natural, a kind of smoked wood, like a faded photograph. It is perfect with curly hair, it has a heavenly sense“.

You can match this hair color with a natural makeup. Choose a nude base, dare with the highlighter and apply a bronze and gold eye shadow. Finish your makeup with a brick-colored lipstick.

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