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This Indian plant slows aging down and keeps your face healthy: everything you need to know about Babchi!

As soon as we start taking care of our skin with anti-aging products, we also start looking for all the way to slow aging down. Just recently, researchers have discovered an anti-aging substance, contained in an Indian flower called Babchi. It has amazing properties!

Professional analyzed the substance extracted from this flower, the “bakuchiol“. It is rich in properties and a panacea for our skin. It slows aging down and it seems it’s better than retinol. The latter is a renowned anti-aging substance which is often included in anti-wrinkles cremes. Find out everything about Babchi and the study published on the British Journal of Dermatology!

Bakuchiol: your anti-aging ally

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/ragazza-donna-femminile-sorriso-454564/

Researchers ran a test on a group of people: half of them tried a bakuchiol cream, while the rest a retinol product. Everyone, at the end of the test, had a healthy skin, without aging signs. However, those who used the retinol cream had less positive results.

Nevertheless, there are people who think that the extract of the Indian plant cannot be compared to retinol, because there are not enough studies about its efficacy. On the other hand, on the market there are already hundred of anti-aging products containing bakuchiol which, according to some, is really efficient! Of course, you cannot expect miracles, as aging involves other factors, too.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/ragazza-donna-femminile-sorriso-454564/

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