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An autumn in green: the most natural color that dictates a trend

Green dress

We fell madly in love with it this summer, and green with its variegated shades remains the trendiest colors of autumn 2021.

The colors of autumn 2021 are ready to establish the bond with nature in an ever more decisive way: the hot topics that we have seen become increasingly committed to fashion, such as sustainability and respect for nature , find full expression and continue to be predominant even in the cold season. Like? Not only thinking about new green fabrics in manufacturing, but also in color.

In addition to the warm shades of the earth, this year let’s get ready to buy not only clothes with trendy nuances such as yellow and gray, but let’s surround ourselves with green: jackets, shoes, sweaters, are tinged with a thousand and more shades of green, to remind us of the our sacred bond with nature, which this season is preparing for a new metamorphosis. So before the green gives way to the orange and yellow of the October leaves, let’s stop some more summer green in this September.

Green is the color of autumn 2021: the items to buy, from tops to pants

Pistachio green, forest, military , bottle , emerald, sage , and we also add mint to steal Kristen Stewart’s inspo look in Venice, maybe even to mix with each other for a colorful mix and match maybe to come back with a relax, take it easy , because green, in addition to being the color of hope, is also a nuance that stimulates calm and serenity.

Maybe your head is still lost in those lakeside and green landscapes between the mountains, so why not bring some of that wonder into our wardrobe, to further sanction our indissoluble bond with the earth and with the need to travel . In this moment of shooting we need strong roots and brightness, and the bright green as Pinko suggests, the emerald of the trees in the sun, can be transformed into a shiny dress to wear for the next elegant evening or for the next ceremony.

Autumn in green: how to combine green, from the color block to the total look

The color block is the trend that still prevails, and we can make it ours by playing with a white and green combination like the one proposed by Zara , which brings back stripes and stripes , for a soft green look composed of shades of mint green and Caribbean. Perfect match for those who miss summer but enter the whiteness of the cooler season in small steps.

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– But don’t underestimate the total look , another undisputed trend of this next season. Our advice is to play with mixing greens with each other, creating contrasts of dark and light shades, or simply choosing the same shade of green. Alternatively, if you want something more eccentric and daring, know that according to Prada , purple is the color that for this season we will see more and more alongside green.

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