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Anti cellulite treatments: find out which are the most important


Anti-cellulite treatments: the most important and how they work to fight the cursed orange peel on equal terms.

The anti-cellulite treatments are many and varied and all aimed at one of the most hated imperfections ever (especially for the female gender). Different and structured to meet all kinds of needs, they are useful for reducing or completely eliminating both cellulite and the orange peel that usually accompanies it.

Effective anti-cellulite treatments: which are the best known

Almost every woman has problems with cellulite. These can be more or less mild but it is really difficult that they do not bother those who suffer from them.


Although this is a blemish that in many cases can be considerably mitigated by changing your lifestyle, in some cases cellulite can be really difficult to eradicate. And it is in these situations that anti-cellulite treatments are used. But which of all are the best known and most appreciated?

Surely everyone will know liposuction , in first place among the treatments that can eliminate cellulite forever. However, it is a real intervention that obviously not everyone feels they need to face. Alternatively, there are still several other aesthetic treatments for cellulite, among these the best known are:

Cavitation , which occurs by means of low-frequency ultrasound.
– Mesotherapy which is carried out by injecting substances under the dermis aimed at stimulating drainage.
– The droelectrophoresis which stimulates the passage of liquids without the use of needles.
– The PDO technique which consists of inserting polidoxanone threads that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin
– The cupping that is done (even at home) through the use of cups that should stimulate the microcirculation
– Lecillysis, a treatment with which a fofadylcholine-based drug is injected, useful for reducing the thickness of the adipose panniculus

In all cases, these are useful treatments to combat cellulite but which must be considered together with the attending physician before being chosen. In some circumstances, in fact, there may be important contraindications.

Anti-cellulite treatment and maintenance of results

Obviously, when you choose to undergo one of the treatments indicated above, it is important to be sure that you can maintain an adequate lifestyle to ensure that cellulite does not return to appear.

This means following a diet that is as healthy as possible and free of foods rich in fats or sugars and adding physical activity to all this. In addition, circulation must always be taken into consideration, which in addition to sport can also be facilitated with natural remedies . Only in this way, in fact, can you be sure of maintaining results over time.

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