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Anti-Covid masks: better washable or disposable?


The masks are part of the tools to be used to counter the spread of the infection, wearing them so as to cover both nose and mouth .

The masks are part of the tools to be used to counter the spread of the infection, wearing them so as to cover both nose and mouth . There are various types on the market but it is essential to have masks that are really effective against Covid-19.

There are two different forms in which contagion can occur: through droplets of biological liquids or through small particles suspended in the air (aerosol). The basic criterion with which to choose the mask is that of the level of protection it ensures. The masks designed for the safety of the airways (Personal Protective Equipment) are of three types, determined precisely by the effectiveness of protection. They are identified by the abbreviation FFP (Filtering Face Piece) accompanied by a number from 1 to 3.

FFP1 masks are 80% effective and provide 5-20% oxygen reduction. The level of protection is not very high, moreover, they are not very suitable to be worn when temperatures are higher.

To ensure effective protection against Covid-19, the disposable mask must provide superior protection from pathogens, thanks to a very high filtering capacity. FFP2 , for example, have a 94% degree of efficiency and protect both the wearer and others from contagion. Finally, the FFP3 are 99% effective.

Surgical masks have less filtering capacity, they are used by doctors if FFPs are not available but they protect other people more than anything else, not those who wear them. Those who are infected will wear the surgical mask, while the medical staff must protect themselves with an FFP2 or an FFP3. Lastly, there are the washable fabric masks . They are also found with patterns, drawings, writings. The thing is to understand which type of mask is the most effective.

The types of masks

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Surgical masks do not protect the wearer. Compared to them, the best choice is FFP. Of course, you should pay attention to the degree of filtering capacity: FFP2 and FFP3 are effective , to avoid the spread of Covid-19 contagion. Remember that they are disposable and, therefore, should not be reused. However, it is also essential to use the mask correctly .

Avoid touching it, place it on your face covering your mouth, nose and chin, stopping it with rubber bands or laces. The mask should not be lowered, leaving the nose free. It should not be touched anymore, except when it is time to remove it. Hands should be washed often before and after handling it.

FFPs are a recommended choice , even compared to washable masks. The fact is that the latter should be washed every day in the washing machine, which makes them an impractical and wasteful option. Also, you have to be really careful about buying good fabric masks. It could be said that with FFPs you bet on the safe side (be careful to buy FFP2 or 3).

Where to buy anti-Covid masks?

Now the mask, in times of pandemic, has really become an object of first necessity. Disposable FFPs should be thrown away after use, so it’s practical to stock them up, especially if your family is large. The online market is very convenient: on an e-commerce site you order the goods that arrive directly at home.

The order can be placed at any time and from any place. Search the site for the section dedicated to this type of article. They could be found under “Masks and Respirators” or “Disposable Respirators” . If the portal is large (some e-commerce sites move hundreds of thousands of products), just identify a macro-category such as “Protection at work” or “IPR”. Consult the product sheet for all the information and check if the certification is shown (you can find it at the bottom or in the summary table of the technical characteristics, for example).

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