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Antigravity Spa: look for your physical and mental well-being without gravity!

Antigravity Spa: look for your physical and mental well-being without gravity!

Antigravity Spa: the last frontier in the search for well-being challenges gravity with mid-air treatments, even in water!

From Greece to Italy, Antigravity Spa are spreading. These advanced wellness centers offer zero-gravity treatments. They offer activities to perform immersed in the water or suspended in mid-air: it is a magical experience for your body and mind.

These activities have a high emotional rate, but at the same time you also exercise. They set your mind free from bad thoughts, in total harmony and relaxation. Let’s find out together what it is about.

Antigravity Spa: all the benefits for mind and body!

Patrizia Bortolin, Spa consultant and wellness expert explained: “The flying experience gives relief to the back and to the spirit. It is a panacea for one’s self-esteem, because it pushes you to overcome your limits while having fun“.

In this Spa, you can follow activities while you are hanging or suspended in fabric cloths. They are proper hammocks hanging from the ceiling, in which you exercise. Among the various disciplines, you can do stretching, pilates or yoga. With the latter, the experience becomes holistic. In this way, you can free your mind in an atmosphere of total relax.

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It is also possible to practice mid-air meditation. But that’s not all, as this type of activity can also be done while immersed in a swimming pool. In this way, water rocks and cuddles you, in a warm environment. In the best centres, this activity is paired with chromotherapy, also known as color therapy.

The purpose of these activities is to cancel the physical and mental weight, improving strength, balance and flexibility. The experts say that with this type of exercise, you can reactivate the lymphatic and circulatory systems by stimulating skin collagen.

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