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Antioxidants, let’s find out what they are and how to use them in skincare


Almost all products for daily beauty treatments contain antioxidants, extraordinary elements with many properties. Let’s see what they are and what role they play.

Antioxidants are particular compounds present in many foods, but not only, because they are one of the main ingredients of creams and products for beauty treatments. In fact, whether it is the face or body, elements such as vitamin C or antiocyanins are essential to slow down the aging process. It should also be considered that these elements help protect the skin and the body. So let’s find out what are the main properties and characteristics of antioxidants and why they are so important in daily skincare.

Antioxidants: the main roles

In order to fully understand the properties of antioxidants, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of how free radicals work . The latter are in fact reactive forms of oxygen, produced by cellular respiration, which contribute to the aging of the skin and the organism.


In practice, they are molecules that attack cells and any other form of constituent and become dangerous when they are more numerous than antioxidants. This is why it is important to integrate, or try to increase, the antioxidant molecules because only these can neutralize and eliminate free radicals, thus slowing down cellular and organism aging.

Antioxidants: creams and cosmetics

It is precisely the fundamental characteristics of antioxidants that have convinced experts to introduce them in the formulas of cosmetics and skincare treatments. In fact, these molecules, in addition to neutralizing free radicals, are able to stabilize the active ingredients used in the production of creams.

Obviously, however, everything depends on the dosage and type of antioxidant used. In any case, the future of cosmetics is to integrate more and more molecules of this type or in any case natural compounds to make anti-aging formulations more effective .

Antioxidants: vitamins and natural compounds

The most useful and well-known antioxidants are certainly vitamin C and vitamin E. These two compounds in particular represent two of the most powerful natural anti-aging agents , but at the same time they are very unstable and deteriorate quickly. For this reason they are most often used in powder form.

But among the antioxidants there are not only vitamins, but also active plant elements. An example are the antiocyanins, blue pigments that reduce damage to tissues and skin, and preserve them from capillary fragility and free radical action.

So if you want to use creams for your face and body beauty routine, it is better to choose products that contain antioxidants, even if nothing can replace nutrition. In fact, a targeted diet is the best way to integrate these elements into the body, perhaps by consuming more fruit and vegetables.

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