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Anuptaphobia: what it is and how it is treated the fear of being left without a partner

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Anuptaphobia is a particular syndrome that affects people who experience the single condition in a particularly negative way. Here are the symptoms and remedies to get out of it.

Being single in most cases is a choice. Sometimes, however, it can happen that you find yourself unintentionally. And, for some people this is such a big problem that it becomes a condition also known as anuptaphobia. Those who suffer from this sort of syndrome , in fact, live the condition of being single in an almost anxious way. Let’s find out the exact meaning, symptoms and strategies to get out of it.

Symptoms of those who are afraid of living single

The meaning of anuptaphobia is literally fear (from phobia) of the lack of marriage (from anupta).

depressed woman
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It is therefore clear that those who suffer from it are not able to live as single and feel the constant need to have a partner next to them. This is a bigger problem than you think, because it ends up becoming an obsession, leading to extreme states of anxiety or the choice to join even the wrong people, and all just to avoid feeling alone.

Often those who suffer from this problem do not realize it consciously. The symptoms of anuptaphobia, however, are quite recurrent and can be summarized as follows:

– Fixed thinking about being single
– Feeling of failure at the thought of not having a partner yet
– Guilt feelings
– States of anxiety
– Obsessive search for a partner
– Settle for temporary flirtations just to be with someone
– Difficulty in ending a relationship even if it is unsatisfactory
– Annihilation within the relationship

It is a phobia that can occur at any age but statistically tends to affect women between 30 and 40 years old .

How to recover from anuptaphobia

Although there is no real cure for anuptaphobia, it can be said that recognizing that you have the problem is already a good first step. To this is added the will to solve it. This can be done through a psychotherapy course that helps to get to know each other thoroughly, understand where certain fears come from and find a solution.

It is in fact very important that those with anuptaphobia problems are also able to work on themselves, to increase their self-esteem and to always question themselves. Only in this way will you be able to feel complete even if not as a couple, finding a personal balance and enjoying all the other aspects of life.

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