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Anxiety, depression, panic attacks: here’s how to treat them with Bach flowers

Bach flowers

The floritherapy plus help us against anxiety and other psychological disorders: let’s find out which Bach flowers are right for each problem.

Bach flowers, a natural remedy discovered by British doctor Edward Bach, are excellent allies for psycho-physical health . By acting on emotions, flower therapy helps us to find serenity. And that’s why it is often used to treat anxiety and panic attacks , stress and depression. What are the Bach flowers that we can use against these ailments?

The best Bach flowers for anxiety

Hands up who has never had an anxiety attack: throughout our lives, we all find ourselves experiencing these negative sensations, often due to the stress and strains of our daily lives. It therefore becomes important to be able to stem the problem and keep its symptoms under control, so as not to let ourselves be paralyzed by fear .

Bach flowers can come to our aid, but it is important to understand where the problem originates, in order to find the right remedy. In fact, Dr. Edward Bach has identified 38 different plants that, alone or combined together, act against many diseases. Let’s find out the most suitable natural remedies for anxiety .


This is the basic remedy for anxiety , useful for those who need to unmask their inner discomforts and concerns. Those who need it often tend to hide problems so as not to worry those around them, even to the point of tormenting themselves internally .

Cherry Plum

If you suffer from anxiety due to fear of losing control , Cherry Plum is the right remedy for you. Its job is to bring thoughts back into balance, fighting violent emotions like anger. It also helps to find the right outlet for repressed energies and to channel impulses in the correct way.

Bach flowers
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Against anticipation anxiety, which catches those who are often very impatient and are convinced that they can always do it alone , Impatiens is the best remedy. It helps to keep one’s impulsiveness under control and to control mental tension. As a plant, it is suitable for those who are irritable and cannot adapt their rhythms to those of others.

Star of Bethlehem

This remedy is suitable for those who are in a state of deep anguish , following a trauma that has triggered an anxiety attack. Relieves sadness and gives courage to those who need to regain their presence of spirit. It is also an excellent remedy for panic attacks .


This plant is the remedy for anxiety resulting from unknown fears . Often it is an unmotivated anxiety, which tends to increase slowly precisely because of not being able to find the origin of the disorder. Aspen helps ease the feeling that something bad is about to happen and relieves tension.

Rock Rose

It is the elective remedy for stress anxiety and panic attacks. It is often recommended in an emergency, when you are faced with a situation that causes great terror. Rock Rose helps control your fears and overcome obstacles. Furthermore, among the Bach flowers, it is one of the most indicated against depression .

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