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Appetizer or dessert? Stuffed dates are good anytime!

Stuffed dates

Stuffed dates will become the undisputed protagonists of the festive table. Versatile and delicious, here are our ideas for stuffing them.

Dates appear on our tables during the Christmas holidays and then abandon them shortly after. In this short period of time, the sweet tooth will stock up on it but not everyone knows that stuffed dates can also be prepared. If they are already delicious on their own, with their naturally sweet flavor , imagine what happens when you put mascarpone and walnuts inside.

Okay, the calorie count gets lost but trust us when we tell you you’ve never tried anything like this. All flavors and textures blend perfectly and dates with mascarpone can be served both as an appetizer or as a dessert, the choice is yours. let’s see together how they are prepared and some tasty variations.

Stuffed dates
Stuffed dates

How to prepare the mascarpone and walnut dates recipe

  1. First, remove any stone from the dates by cutting them in half lengthwise but without opening them completely.
  2. Then place them on a plate, slightly open, and set aside.
  3. In a bowl, mix mascarpone , icing sugar and rum until you get a smooth cream. We advise you to help yourself with a whisk or electric whisk.
  4. Transfer the cream obtained to a pastry bag equipped with a star nozzle.
  5. Stuff the dates and complete by placing a walnut kernel on each.

Your stuffed dates are ready to be enjoyed!

Salted stuffed dates: some variations

Stuffed dates
Stuffed dates

If you prefer to serve stuffed dates as an appetizer then we recommend other recipes. You can opt for something with a more pronounced flavor, for example by mixing the goat cheese (in the same quantity as mascarpone) with chopped mint with a knife. Also in this case, completing everything with walnut kernels will give the recipe the right crunchy note.

However, this recipe lends itself to many variations. By replacing the cheese (also with robiola and philadelphia are excellent) or dried fruit you will get different versions of stuffed dates as in the case of ricotta and almond dates , perfect for making a very colorful tray. The idea of ​​using mixed seeds instead of dried fruit is also nice.


Stuffed dates can be kept in the refrigerator for up to one day. In addition, the humidity released by the cheese would compromise the crunchiness of the nuts or seeds.

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