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Apple and oat smoothie: ideal for weight loss

apple and oat smoothie

Apple and oat smoothie is a fresh and delicious remedy for losing weight and keeping fit. Find out how to make it and when to take it.

When summer arrives, the desire for fresh and low-calorie foods is more than natural, especially if among the desires there is to lose a few pounds. A perfect remedy to satiate yourself by losing excess weight is to include apple and oat smoothie in your diet.
These two ingredients, in fact, are a real cure-all for the body and boast very specific properties that help both to achieve a good level of satiety and to lose weight easily.

How to prepare apple and oat smoothie

The apple and oat smoothie is a good ally of the diet . Thanks to the beneficial properties of these two foods, it helps to keep blood sugars low, to achieve a good sense of satiety, to fight depression and to lose weight.

oats and apple
oats and apple

Perfect to be eaten for breakfast , every now and then you can eat it as a substitute for a meal, perhaps with the addition of a little Greek yogurt or soy (without sugar) to make the meal more balanced.
Let’s find out what are the ingredients that are needed to make our smoothie.

– 1 organic apple with peel (preferably green)
– Two tablespoons of wholemeal oat flakes
– 150 g of natural water
– A pinch of lemon

Just blend everything to get a healthy and nutritious breakfast to which you can add a sprinkling of cinnamon to give an extra touch of sweetness.

Apple and oat smoothie: the benefits

As already mentioned, the oat and apple smoothie is rich in the properties of the apple and oats which together give a mix of precious benefits for our body. Among these, the most important are:

– Donate several vitamins
– Speeds up the metabolism
– Helps lower blood sugar levels
– Counteracts bad cholesterol
– Helps digest
– It is rich in fiber
– Helps deflate the belly
– Good for the intestine
– Helps the body to cleanse itself
– Counteracts water retention
– Helps regulate blood pressure
– Gives a pleasant sense of satiety

In addition to helping to deflate the belly and lose weight, this smoothie helps to lose weight without too many sacrifices and in summer, with a few ice cubes, it is fresh and pleasant to drink.

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