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Apple: properties and benefits of the healthiest fruit

Green apples

Properties and benefits of the apple, one of the most loved and famous fruits of all time and extremely healthy food.

The apple is an extremely popular and particularly loved fruit, for young and old. Famous for the many variations that can be found on the market, it is a food rich in beneficial properties and that lends itself to different preparations in the kitchen.

Coming from Central Asia, it is considered as a natural drug and can offer various benefits to those who eat it.
With only 40 calories per 100 grams, it is an excellent line saver as well as a snack that can satisfy hunger and satisfy the palate thanks to the crunchy consistency that goes well with the sweet taste.

Apple: benefits and contraindications

Woman with apple
Woman with apple

The apple is full of benefits and this regardless of how you decide to eat it. If raw it is perfect to fill up with vitamins and minerals, cooked apple is instead excellent for those with bowel problems or need to eat something light and nutritious.

Thanks to the presence of flavonoids , the apple is considered a super food, with many properties, among which the best known are:

– Strengthens the immune system
– Adjust the intestines
– Reduces water retention
– Stabilizes blood sugar
– It is useful for those on a diet
– Keeps cholesterol in the right levels
– It is a lung friendly food
– Relieves rheumatic pain

It is important to remember that one of the most precious parts of the apple resides in the peel and that it is therefore preferable to always choose organic apples so that you can taste them without worries.

Despite being a health food, even the apple may not be recommended for everyone. Due to the presence of fructose , for example, it is to be avoided if you are allergic to this sugar.
It can also create problems for those with a marked sensitivity to FODMAPs, short chain carbohydrates that can cause abdominal cramps and unpleasant swellings.

Apple: when to eat it

The apple is an ideal fruit for all times of the day. In the morning you can eat small pieces in Greek yogurt. It can serve as a snack and is practically perfect as a crunchy note of a healthy salad.
It can be inserted in a side dish or as a condiment for main courses.

And, of course, it is perfect in all types of desserts where it tends to give its best. You can also choose from many varieties of apples such as golden, fuji or quince. Choosing to eat it, therefore, is a way to pamper yourself in a healthy way, while doing good at the same time.

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