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Are chewing gums bad? Find out properties and side effects!

Are chewing gums bad? Find out properties and side effects!

Even though a lot of people does not like them, chewing gums can have beneficial effects on our health: here’s everything you don’t know about them!

Rise your hand if you do not have in your purse (or in your car or pocket) some chewing gums. They are very useful to relieve car sickness, to refresh your breath or simply to taste. However, often chewing gums are said causing different problems, first of all cavities. Actually, it has been proved that these gums have positive effects on the health of our teeth.

Chewing gums and cavities

Are they the main responsible of our tooth problems? Wrong! Especially if you follow some precautions. Chewing gums are widely criticized because of thei high content of sugar, which is also the first cause of cavities. However, not every gum has this property: today, you can easily find sugar-free products.

There is more. Xylitol, a type of sugar that is often added to chewing gums, has positive effects against cavities. When the bacteria in our saliva metabolize this substance, they produce a lesser amount of acids which can damage our tooth enamel. That’s not all: chewing increases the production of saliva, that helps “washing” our teeth and fighting dental plaque.

Therefore, chewing gums could be a real panacea for our oral hygiene. Of course, they should not replace toothbrush and toothpaste, but there is nothing wrong in chewing some of them every now and then. Did you know this product has also other benefits on our health?

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Chewing gums: properties

If we think about the beneficial properties of this product, the first things we come up with is its benefits against halitosis. Actually, its action is deeper.

For example, by stimulating the production of saliva, it promotes the digestion, which starts with the chewing process. Moreover, it also has a mild slimming effect: chewing a gum instead of eating a snack can reduce the calorie intake.

According to some Japanese studies, this product also acts on our brain. It improves its reactivity of 10%, thanks to a bigger blood spraying. Moreover, it fights stress and anxiety.

Side effects

However, this product also has side effects. Too many gums can cause gastrointestinal disorders and have a laxative effect Moreover, they can worsen the reflux and increase stomach air. Moreover, according to some researches, chewing this product makes you want to eat junk food, therefore it can cause weight gain.

Pregnant women can chew gums, but they must choose those without aspartame. Gums with natural sweeteners are better. A lot of women find this product very useful too fight morning sickness: why don’t you try it?

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