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They are very common among young people, but energy drinks can harm our organism: here all the risks.

In the last few years, energy drinks have become more and more widespread. Especially young people drink them the most, mixing them with alcohol. Why are these drinks so successful? Their sugary flavor and the stimulants they contain let them become very popular.

How many students use energy drinks to study late at night without feeling tired, especially when they have an exam? How many people drink them so they don’t stop until it’s night? However, there’s a downside, too. Energy drinks are not very healthy. Let’s find out more.

Energy drinks: what they contain

This products contain stimulants and sugar, but some of them also have mineral salts and vitamins. Stimulants are to blame for their health risks. Caffeine and taurine are among the most used ones.

The first one acts especially on the central nervous system, improving concentrations and enhancing one’s attention. One energy drink can contains the same caffeine amount as 2/4 cups of coffee. It cannot seem worrying, but remember that it is mixed with other stimulants.

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Taurine is naturally present in our organism, too. It mainly acts on the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. This substance improves our physical performances and can boost the caffeine effect.

Energy drink risks

The University of Waterloo, in Canada, analyzed the energy drinks effects on more than 2.000 people. Many of them experienced some unpleasant ones: 25% of them suffered from rapid heartbeat and had problems in falling asleep. 18,3% had headache, 5,1% nausea, vomit and diarrea, and 3,6% of them experienced chest pains. Finally, 0,2% of these people had an epilepsy attack.

What surprised the researchers was that all the people who experienced these side effects had drunk a lesser amount of energy drink than the maximum recommended dose. However, these are not the only symptoms experienced. These products speed up the heartbeat and alter the normal rythm of the heart, extending the QT interval.

Finally, we need to consider the sugar energy drinks contain. One can has about 25 grams of it, that is the total daily need. It is not diffuclt to overdo it, if you drink energy drinks daily. In this way, you can more easily suffer from obesity, heart attack and diabetes.

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Energy drinks and alcohol

One last thing we need to consider is the interaction between these two products. Many people mix energy drinks with alcohol, making it even more dangerous. Caffeine and taurine effects easily mix with the depressive effect of alcohol, so you undervaluate your drunkenness.

Therefore, people keep drinking, feeling they have the situation under control. Some of them even start driving because they think their mental alertness is still good. This is a very dangerous behaviour that can cause serious accidents.

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