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Are you looking for a quick first course? Try the artichoke risotto with the Thermomix

Thermomix artichoke risotto

We love pasta dishes and the artichoke risotto with the Thermomix is ​​certainly no exception. Here’s how we prepare it in a simple way even with frozen artichokes.

There is no easier and faster recipe than risotto with artichokes with the Thermomix. Once again the most loved robot in the world becomes our ally not only in speeding up the preparation of meals, but also in making sure that the recipe is perfect. In fact, it is often not easy to get the rice cooked correctly and not even to whip it to perfection.

Therefore, rice with artichokes with the Thermomix becomes in an instant a simple first course, perfect for the whole family and excellent with both fresh artichokes , when in season, and frozen . Obviously in the latter case the recipe will be even simpler and faster because you will not have to worry about cleaning the artichokes. However, we will give you the instructions to prepare the dish in both ways.

Thermomix artichoke risotto
Thermomix artichoke risotto

How to prepare artichoke risotto with the Thermomix

  1. Start by peeling the onion and cutting it into chunks.
  2. Put it in the jug and chop 10 sec. speed Turbo . If necessary, gather it on the bottom of the mug with a spatula and repeat the same procedure.
  3. Then add the oil and brown for 2 min. 100 ° C speed 2.
  4. In the meantime, clean the artichokes (if you are using the fresh ones), removing the final part of the stem, the outermost layer of leaves, the tips and finally the central beard. Reduce them to rather thin slices.
  5. Add the artichokes to the jug and cook for 10 min. 100 ° C Speed Soft Counterclockwise.
  6. Add the rice and toast 2 min. 100 ° C Speed Soft Counterclockwise.
  7. Deglaze with the white wine for 3 min. 100 ° C Speed Soft Counterclockwise.
  8. Finally, cook the rice by pouring the broth and cooking for 16 min. 100 ° C Speed Soft Counterclockwise.
  9. To obtain a creamy risotto with artichokes, add butter and Parmesan cheese and stir for 1 min. Vel. Soft Counterclockwise.
  10. Serve it hot.

If you decide to prepare frozen artichoke risotto with the Thermomix, all you have to do is add them to the jug as indicated in step 5 and extend cooking to 4 minutes . However, we advise you not to mount the butterfly until the artichokes are tender, then add them to the rice in the next step.

If you don’t have a Thermomix, you can still prepare an excellent risotto with artichokes in the traditional way.


By now you know, risotto should be enjoyed as soon as it is done. However, if you have any leftovers, you can keep it in the refrigerator for a couple of days , well covered, and heat it in a pan for a few minutes before serving.

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