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Are you passionate about vintage? For those who buy and sell online it is a great shopping and inspiration resource

Vintage fashion

The fashion of vintage garments in recent years continues to go crazy, and the desire to buy or sell even designer pieces is growing more and more.

Until recently, wearing vintage clothes was something rare and quirky. Then fashion has grasped and made its own this taste and this desire to return to the past from the romantic aura, starting to re-propose cult items from the past collections, it-bags to show off in a revised and corrected version, and continuous references to trends that have marked the style of a maison. From retro to vintage then the step is really very short, and if in the collections we find pieces that echo fashion from the 70s to the 90s, without disdaining forays of the 60s, then why not go hunting for original pieces?

Vintage designer clothes: online stores where to buy and sell

Going around markets and streets with shops selling vintage garments and accessories is the dream of those who want to experience this shopping experience as a real blast from the past, and it is certainly the first piece of advice we would like to give to enthusiasts: look for online retailers. and dedicate a day of healthy shopping. But if for various reasons it is not possible here and now, there are online stores that try to make you live this experience digitally.

One of these is , which already presents itself on the first page and welcomes us into a world made of pixels, and which was born as an online showcase for the shop in Venice of the same name. The protagonist fashion of this e-commerce is that of the 80s and 90s , proposed in a fresh and young way, also attentive to sustainability – in fact, a tree is planted on the site and recycled materials are used for shipments.

Other names to note are Pifebo Vintage shop online , a reference point for 60s fashion, Angelovintage , a small online paradise where you can find not only clothes, while MillesimeStore deserves particular attention, which allows you to choose the garments of our interest from special catalogs. weight, with the Kilosale formula, 25 kg containers with garments from the season chosen at the time of ordering.

Those who want to sell some uncovered garments in a woman’s or mother’s wardrobe, perhaps just to be able to afford a vintage wardrobe with other pieces of her liking, the reference site for the sale are the now well-known Vinted , to which Depop and Vintag .

Vintage inspirations: the Instagram accounts to follow and where to buy

A bit like Google, to date Instagram has also become the second, often the first, showcase that we consult to look for a store, track down a trend or to buy. And the Instagram accounts dedicated exclusively to the world of vintage, digital places of sale and inspiration are certainly not lacking.

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– One of these is No Austerity , based in New York but which ships all over the world: a place that will drive vintage lovers crazy if we already announce that you could catch real designer rarities, like a macrame top by Alexander McQueen dated 2003.

– Among the most famous is Madame Pauline Vintage , based in Milan . In her account there is not only a way to get an idea of ​​the garments present in the boutique, but worn by friends and influencers of the store, the posts are a constant inspiration to think about vintage combinations or a mix and match between yesterday’s garments. and today.

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