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Arginine: the most important effects it has on the body


Arginine has very particular effects on the body and, for this reason, it is very good to know them thoroughly before deciding if and how to take it. Let’s find out the most important ones together.

Arginine, also known as L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid as it is indispensable in certain moments of life such as childhood, pregnancy or during illnesses. Precursor of many amino acids, arginine has important effects on the body. And for this reason there are circumstances in which its hiring is strictly necessary. In fact, its deficiency can lead to harmful effects on health .

Arginine: what it is for and where to find it

As already mentioned, arginine serves the body to perform various functions such as the development of lymphocytes or the proper functioning of the immune system .


It is typically found in protein-rich foods such as meat, dairy, fish, and soy products. The body needs a total of 4 to 6 grams per day. As with many other substances, even in the case of arginine, the intake can also take place through supplements , useful to make up for any shortcomings.

Arginine: the most important benefits

When it comes to arginine, the properties that are good to know are different. Among the many we remember the improvement of athletic performance, greater oxygenation to the muscles and a correct blood flow to the whole body. Also of note are improved disease management, blood pressure and blood sugar regulation, weight loss and a stronger immune system.

Like any amino acid, arginine has side effects that must be remembered as well as the benefits.
Among the best known are abdominal bloating and pain, nausea and diarrhea.
Speaking of arginine, the contraindications arise, however, when it is taken in quantities greater than those recommended.

Finally, how and when to take arginine, it can obviously be taken with food .
In the case of supplements, it is always advisable to follow the instructions indicated on them and all with the awareness that on average, the daily intake should be 3-4 days to be carried out for a maximum of twelve weeks. Obviously, before taking it it is always advisable to contact your doctor. The supplement can in fact interfere with various drugs.

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