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Armani, Valentino and Elisabetta Franchi were awarded at the Peta Fashion Awards 2021

Fashion Awards

Towards a sustainable and animal-free fashion industry: here are the winners of the 2021 Peta Fashion Awards.

During the year, the reflections, strategies and decisions of the fashion industry aimed at choosing sustainable productions, collections and fabrics were certainly not lacking, as well as many brands that understood how important it is to implement in the shortest possible time. this revolution, with small steps that can bring great results. In fact, the demand for garments that respect the environment also comes from consumers themselves. The Peta Fashion Awards are created to reward the brands that have distinguished themselves for their sustainable proposals, and this year there are many names in high fashion that have responded to the appeal.

Peta Fashion Awards 2021 also awarded to the Italian fashion houses: Armani, Valentino, Elisabetta Franchi

It is really great to see that among the names of the maison that have contributed and contribute significantly to revolutionizing the fashion system from a sustainable perspective, there are many Italian names. The Best Luxury Moment award went to both Armani and Valentino , who recently decided to eliminate angora wool from their collections, while a Special achievement went to Elisabetta Franchi for her constant eco-friendly commitment. Also added to the list is Gucci , whose vegan Demetra leather contains wood compounds.

The example on English soil also comes from Italy. In fact, the British are particularly attentive to the issue of sustainability, so much so that according to a survey 95% of the British point to vegan fashion : seeing designers from all over the world have contributed significantly, even by adopting innovative materials such as pineapple and apple skin is an important result.

Towards sustainable fashion: Stella McCartney, Kering and Nike were also awarded

Several winners, perhaps even unexpected names such as Nike and Pinatex , which together were awarded for the Happy pineapple collection, which for the Air Force 1 chose pineapple leather, underlining how this material is perfect for the creation of sneakers. Stella McCartney , who has always been at the forefront and awarded with the Innovation award, could certainly not be missing.

The Kering group also distinguished itself for having definitively eliminated fur from the collections of each of the brands belonging to the group, winning the Biggest Moment award, the Ganni brand the Progress Award for the upcoming launch of a line of shoes in grape leather and to Adidas Stan Smith the Vegan glow-up recognition .

The presence of great fashion houses and sports giants was very welcome to the director of Peta Elisa Allen, who show how much in the fashion system the direction towards sustainability has now been leveled and strongly felt: “From luxury houses like Gucci to casual sportswear brands such as Nike, everyone in fashion wants to join the animal-free revolution , adding innovative materials to their catwalks “.

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