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Armpit irritation: causes, symptoms and remedies


Suffering from underarm irritation is quite common. Let’s find out the most important causes, the symptoms to recognize and the possible remedies.

Armpit irritations can depend on various factors that it is always good to learn to recognize in time in order not to lead to severe and painful irritative episodes. If on the one hand, irritated armpits can depend on excessive sweating or the use of clothes that are not suitable for your person , on the other hand there can also be other causes that can lead to redness under the armpits of which it is very important to take treatment.

Itching in the armpits: what it can depend on

Among the most common causes of itchy or red underarms is too acidic sweat which can irritate the skin in the long run leading to sweat dermatitis .


If this is particularly delicate, wearing synthetic garments that prevent correct perspiration can also be a cause. This is combined with the formation of bacteria that can occur if you do not wash thoroughly or if the area does not dry well after washing.

Also shaving the wrong way can lead to irritation or blistering in the armpits. Furthermore, even if you are waiting for every detail you find yourself continuing to suffer from redness in the armpits, it is important to check that you do not have an allergy in place. A soap containing an allergen or an irritating tissue and continuously placed in contact with the area can in fact give rise to irritation with consequent pain in the armpits.

Useful remedies against irritation in the armpits

When the redness in the armpits and the related burning or itching are difficult to bear, you can try with the application of some natural remedies . Sometimes simple baking soda can provide relief. Alternatively, you can try a moisturizer that softens the skin.

It is then a good idea to start using specific and delicate products. All this by wearing soft garments in natural material and always opting for deodorants that are light and delicate. A natural one is, for example, the one based on bicarbonate . Applied under the armpits it helps to counteract bad odors without attacking the skin. All for a pleasant feeling of well-being.

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