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Art therapy: doctors prescribe free museum visits as a therapy!

Art therapy: doctors prescribe free museum visits as a therapy!

From November, 1, Canadian doctors will prescribe free museum visits as a form of art therapy, without side effects!

In Montreal, Canada, starting from November, 1 2018, doctors will prescribe art therapy. It will be possible to have free access to museums as a form of therapy. The idea was born from a collaboration between doctors and the local Museum of Fine Arts.

The aim is to carry out a therapy without side-effects and relieve pains by observing works of art. Actually, it is now certain that art can have positive effects on both mind and body. Visiting the art collections of a museum would relieve the pain.

Art therapy: the benefits of visiting museums!

The idea was born because this form of treatment has both mental and physical benefits, and relieves pain. The project developer are the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and a club of French-Speaking Canadian Doctors.

Patients will enter the museum for free and will live a relaxing and revitalizing experience, enjoy a moment of calm. Doctors can prescribe 50 free visits for each patients, who will still need to take their medications to address the various disorders. In some cases, relatives can also visit the museum with the patient.

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Nathalie Bondil, the general director of the Museum, said: “The neutral, beautiful, inspiring museum rooms can improve people’s mood and their well-being, providing patients with the opportunity to explore experiences and feeling outside their illness“.

In addition, the museum also provides proper therapeutic pathways to help patients solve their problems. Everyone can go to the museum and spend a relaxing day, trying to get away from stress. Art is a great medicine, just like pet therapy.

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