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Artichoke omelette with figs and raw ham

Prosciutto and figs

A rainbow of flavors for this delicious single dish: artichoke omelette with figs and raw ham.

The artichoke omelette with figs and raw ham is a real delight, which you can offer as a single course, because it contains all the proteins, fibers and carbohydrates that are needed to make a meal complete .

The figs, served raw, give the dish a note of sweetness that goes well with the rest of the ingredients, and especially with raw ham. Any type of bread is good for this dish, whether bruschetta or fresh.

Prosciutto and figs
Prosciutto and figs

Preparation of the omelette with ham and figs

  1. To prepare your artichoke omelette with figs and raw ham, first clean the artichokes by removing the outer leaves, part of the stem , the tips and the beard.
  2. Cut the cleaned artichokes into wedges and immerse them immediately in water and lemon juice.
  3. Thinly slice the half onion and brown it in a large pan with a few turns of oil.
  4. Slice the artichokes drained from the acidulated water, and pour them into the pan.
  5. Salt and add a couple of ladles of hot water , so that the artichokes can cook well .
  6. Cover with a lid and gradually, if necessary, add a little more hot water.
  7. While the artichokes are cooking, beat the eggs in a bowl, along with a little salt and a handful of grated Parmesan.
  8. When the artichokes are soft, pour the beaten eggs over them, cook and turn the omelette halfway through cooking.
  9. Peel and cut the figs as you prefer, toast the bread (but fresh too) and wash the accompanying salad.
  10. Arrange everything on plates, cutting the omelette into wedges and serving it with thinly sliced ​​raw ham.

Serve your artichoke omelette with figs and raw ham as a single dish and, if you are a lover of this salami, try the other recipes with raw ham .


We recommend consuming your omelette at the moment decorated with lots of raw ham and figs. We do not recommend storing it in the fridge or freezing it in the freezer.

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