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Arugula lowers blood pressure and is good for the heart

rocket salad

Daily consumption of rocket is good for the heart and helps to counteract high blood pressure.

Arugula is a food rich in beneficial properties. Among these, according to a recent study, carried out by an Italian team, there are also that of lowering blood pressure . And all with consequent benefits for cardiovascular health. News that makes it a food more than suitable for anyone suffering from hypertension . This is also true for those who want to eat properly in order to promote good health.

Rocket: because it lowers blood pressure

Anyone who has tasted rocket at least once will know how this food stands out for its pungent flavor. Well, the secret that makes it a food recommended to lower blood pressure lies in its strong and bitter taste.

rocket salad
rocket salad

An Italian study has in fact brought to light that the Erucine isotocyanate helps the muscles of the vessels to relax. This leads to a lowering of blood pressure.
For the uninitiated, it is the active ingredient produced by the plant when it is chopped or chewed and which in nature serves to protect it.
A real panacea for heart health which can thus be taken care of in a natural way.

By administering the active ingredient of rocket it will in fact be possible to fight high blood pressure in a natural and non-invasive way. Furthermore, by introducing it into your daily diet you can boast of appreciable results and all by eating with taste.

How to eat rocket

To ensure that the principles of rocket and its various properties remain active, it is preferable to consume it raw . Its particular flavor makes it an ingredient suitable for various combinations.

Excellent in salads, it can be used in the form of pesto in pasta or as a vegetable to be included in sandwiches or canapés. It is also perfect as a base for cold sauces with which to accompany main courses that you want to make more tasty in a healthy and natural way.

Obviously, the rocket is to be considered as a natural aid that must not in any way replace what is prescribed by the doctor. In case of high blood pressure, therefore, it is advisable to always ask for an opinion and insert it in your diet only after having received the doctor’s approval.

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