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ASMR, what it is and how it manages to combine sleep and relaxation


ASMR is a phenomenon that is spreading more and more and consists of videos that combine sleep and relaxation. Let’s find out better what it is.

ASMR is a particular category of video that encompasses different types of content and helps you relax and sleep. These productions, increasingly popular on Youtube , are characterized by the set of images, sounds and whispers of which they are composed. Their effectiveness is confirmed by the many comments that appear under each video and seem to be a real cure-all for insomniacs and for those who cannot relax. But let’s get a better understanding of what ASMR means and how these videos work.

ASMR: meaning and characteristics

ASMR literally means Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and it is a response of the body to a stimulus. In fact, the sensory stimuli received by the body are able to generate sensations of pleasure and, in some cases, tingling.

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This sensation, caused by listening to these particular sounds, in addition to arousing well-being, spreads from the head to the rest of the body, following the spine. Many people who have approached this practice have compared it to a kind of orgasm , even if the perception has nothing to do with the sexual sphere. In any case, the particular sensation you get when listening to an ASMR video is called tingles, and it lasts about two minutes.

How ASMR works

To make ASMR work so effectively are surely the tingles , which are a fundamental feature of the videos. These are mainly caused by noises and sounds. The situations that cause these tingles, however, can be different, some of which are:

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However, it is not yet clear what causes these tingles. Some argue it is the context in which we listen to ASMR videos, while for other schools of thought it is the way we place ourselves with respect to listening. In any case, the sensation caused by these videos starts on the scalp and then descends towards the base of the neck, also affecting the spine. In fact, those who have tried this experience described it as a combination of positive sensations that is transferred to the epidermis.

The benefits of ASMR

As we all know, emotions and the brain still represent a great mystery to science and society. In any case, however, this practice offers benefits under several aspects.

woman sleeping pillow
woman sleeping pillow

In fact, it is an excellent alternative solution for insomnia because, even if we do not yet know how, the noises can induce sleepiness and relaxation . For these reasons, ASMR can be a pleasant practice to undergo and try, especially fashion in the evening or at night.

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