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Assertiveness: what it is and how to put it into practice

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Assertiveness is one of the main characteristics of people who are successful. Find out how to learn it and how to behave assertively and convincingly.

Assertiveness is a way of being that for many can be difficult to understand but that once learned can really change lives for the better. The meaning of assertiveness is simply to assert yourself. That is in affirming oneself over others always using kind ways and never rude and overbearing.

It is therefore an attitude at the basis of which there must be a certain amount of selfesteem and a good ability to deal with others. Things that can be achieved with a little practice . Let’s find out how.

Examples of assertiveness

Often even after understanding the meaning of assertiveness, it is difficult to define the image of an assertive person. To put it simply, it is about those people who appear confident but who are without ever being overbearing.

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In fact, being assertive denotes such self- confidence that everyone is always treated equally. At the same time, those who are assertive always tend to express themselves in a calm and calm way without ever feeling out of place and uncomfortable. All goals that can be achieved simply by working on them and learning to manage the way of dealing with others.

How to become assertive people

An assertive behavior determines a good knowledge of oneself which is combined with an awareness of one’s worth. Starting from this basis, you can start working on yourself to start being assertive.

In fact, there are some real exercises for assertiveness that can be summarized as follows:

– Learn to talk about how it feels and what it feels like while always keeping quiet tones
– Work on facial expression
– Learn to manage situations
– Accept compliments
– Expose yourself without being afraid to do so
– Be as spontaneous as possible
– Avoid apologizing for everything
– Look others in the eye
– Learn to say no

In this way you can put assertiveness into practice by learning little by little to manage your emotions and to assert yourself with kindness by affirming your self in an ever more incisive way.

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