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Now you can go shopping at the supermarket and ask a food coach for information about calories and fats!

Would like to go to the supermarket to do shop and feel you are in a spa? You can! The food coach will help you do the shopping in a healthy way. This new professonal will help you understand how many calories and fats the food you buy contains, but not only.

The new trend is already common in the United Kingdom and in the United States. Companies are hiring more and more dietitians to turn their food shops into wellness centers, to support the customers.

The food coach in supermarkets will help your shopping!

According to a research done of the Food Marketing Institute, 55% of Americans sees the supermarket as the place to find the physical and mental wellbeing. Actually, the shop where you buy food is becoming the place which has links with the efforts we do at the gym. Thanks to the help of the food coach, there will be no more errors. You will lose weight and achieve your ideal silhouette in a easier way.

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Thanks to this new initiative, you can have guided tours in supermarkets with dietitians. You can also watch and participate in cooking classes and health screenings. Everything is connected to Apps which will allow us to do a good job at home, thanks to their healthy recipes and good advice.

The coach will help us do the shopping in the correct way, buying seasonal fruits and vegetables and giving the right advice.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/business-cibo-verdure-fresche-1869127/

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