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August and its seasonal vegetables: here’s what to put in the cart

seasonal vegetables August

Among the seasonal vegetables of August we find typically summer vegetables such as cucumbers and peppers. However, special products such as the last beans or chicory arrive.

Products such as carrots, courgette flowers, particular varieties of mushrooms, lettuce are just some of the seasonal vegetables of August. But to really dominate in this period are tomatoes and potatoes . In fact, in this period it is possible to find all their varieties from ox hearts to date tomatoes, from red to purple potatoes. Among the tubers we can also find beets and radishes. Furthermore, in August a large part of the vegetables will continue to be available. So let’s find out all the seasonal vegetables of August.


Poems and songs have been dedicated to this vegetable and it is always present on our tables , in short it is a true protagonist. We are talking about the tomato which, during the month of August, is expressed in all its forms so much that it is possible to find it:

– ox heart


The August season and tomatoes are also known for preserves. In fact, one of the qualities of tomatoes linked to the seasonal vegetables of August is the perino, which can boast excellences such as San Marzano .

This vegetable is perfect for long preservations thanks to the low presence of seeds and the firm and less watery consistency . The cooked tomato then releases lycopene, an important natural antioxidant and anticancer agent.

Seasonal vegetables: potatoes

The August season also sees the beginning of many varieties of potatoes, including new potatoes already present at the end of June. The harvest of this tuber begins in the season of July but has its climax in August.

Potatoes are among the seasonal vegetables of August which can boast many nutritional values, such as the anti-tumor content represented by chloro-gene acid . They are also rich in vitamin C, very effective against free radicals, and potassium which helps control and prevent hypertension.

Potato sack
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These tubers are also very useful in cases of small burns, which can be treated with compresses of slices or potato starch . But the benefits of potatoes do not end there because they are energetic and anti-inflammatory foods and useful for forming and expelling feces.

They are also indicated for those suffering from diabetes since they are rich in complex carbohydrates which, before being absorbed, must be demolished in simple sugars.

But to get the maximum benefit from the properties of the potatoes it is necessary to eat them with the peel, or alternatively boil them without peeling them . Cooking water can also be used for other preparations such as soups or stews.

Vegetable vegetable

As we said in August the ripening of vegetables from vegetables or as cucumbers , peppers , aubergines, courgettes already present in the seasonal vegetables of July continues.

These vegetables are extremely rich in water , about 92%, and in fiber with a very low intake of proteins, fats and sugars. Among other nutrients we can find a high concentration of minerals.

In fact, aubergines, courgettes and radishes are among the richest vegetables in phosphorus, selenium, iron, sodium and zinc, in addition to high concentrations of vitamins such as those of groups A, B, C, E and K. In addition, like many other summer vegetables, these vegetables are rich in folic acid and antioxidants, also responsible for the characteristic color of these plants.

As for the benefits, we can say that, aubergines and courgettes, like the other garden vegetables of the month of August, are natural tonic. In fact, thanks to the percentage of water, these vegetables have a great draining and purifying power for the liver.

seasonal vegetables August
seasonal vegetables August

In addition, the rich vitamin content and mineral salts , especially iron and copper, makes them perfect for compensating for deficiencies such as anemias or for promoting the formation of red blood cells.

In fact, the aubergines, with the nutritional values ​​they have, are also useful for those suffering from hypercholesterolemia and circulatory disorders .

Legumes, mushrooms and aromatic herbs

In August you can also benefit from many types of legumes, in fact beans, fava beans and peas are characteristic of the seasonal vegetables of August. Furthermore, this period, if the rains have been sufficient, it will be possible to find the first mushrooms .

In particular, in this month there is an abundance of porcini mushrooms, chanterelles, chanterelles or trumpets. There are also many aromatic herbs that ripen in August. Examples include basil, chives, parsley and wild fennel, but also rosemary, thyme marjoram and oregano.

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