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Australian flowers, what they are, how they work and what varieties exist

Australian flower

Australian flowers, like Bach’s essences, are natural remedies widely used by Aborigines already. Let’s find out how they work.

Australian flowers and their essences are natural remedies that have been used for a long time, so much so that the first to use them to treat their patients was Paracelsus. But also the aborigines, the indigenous peoples of Australia, have always consumed these flowers to exploit their healing properties . Although some Australian flowers are not edible, they were still used in rituals and celebrations to absorb the positive vibrations. If for the last aspect we are in the environment of popular belief, we must however say that the benefits of Australian flowers are very well known. So let’s find out what their properties are and how they work.

Australian flowers: how they work

The territory of Australia is very rich in plants, among which we can also find Australian flowers, which are able to offer spiritual, physical and emotional benefits. In fact, it seems that Australia is a land rich in wisdom and ancestral powers, which take the form of flowers. According to Ian White, neuropath and proponent of the use of these remedies, taking these particular varieties of plants helps to restore the body’s balance.

Australian flower
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The disease is in fact a direct physical manifestation of emotional and mental discomforts and which become more serious if the individual is not connected to his spiritual part. For White, therefore, pathologies and disorders must not only be treated, but must be the starting point to redefine one’s life goals and undertake a more balanced and spiritual path .

In any case, even if it is not clear how Australian flowers work, or how they affect pathologies. Nevertheless, flower therapy is getting stronger and stronger and to resolve emotional and physical disorders it is necessary to rebalance the subtle energy bodies.

Bach essences and Australian flowers: the differences

We can say that, although the functioning and effect of Bach’s essences is similar to that of Australian flowers, there are differences . In particular, these two remedies are different in four fundamental aspects. The first is certainly the area of ​​origin as Bach’s essences derive from wild plants of England, while the Australian flowers come from the Bush of Australia.

To divide these remedies are also the chronological differences given that the studies conducted by Bach are placed between the 19th and 20th centuries. Australian flowers, on the other hand, have only been selected since the 1980s. But above all, the quantities are different. In fact, if Bach’s essences are synthesized from 38 flowers, those from Australia are many more, and reaches up to 69 different specimens.

Finally, the methods of intake and doses also change as Bach’s therapy is shorter and includes four drops for a maximum of four days. Australian flowers must be taken for longer periods, twice a day and in the number of seven drops, in the morning and in the evening.

Australian flowers: list and description

As we have anticipated, the varieties of Australian flowers are so many and each with its own characteristics. In fact, it is necessary to know that each type of flower is suitable for specific diseases or disorders, without considering that by mixing the 69 flowers it is possible to create essences with a wider spectrum of effectiveness. In any case, the most used are certainly:

Australian flower bud
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-Alpine mint bush, helps relieve emotional loads and accumulated tensions
-Angelsword, suitable for confusing situations
-Autumn leaves, facilitates the acceptance of big and small changes
-Banskia robur, suitable for frustration and periods of low energy
-Billy goat plum, relieves the feeling of shame for your body, and helps you lose weight
-Hibbertia, useful against rigidity and sense of superiority
-Illawara flame tree, counteracts the feelings of rejection
-Isopogon, indicated to facilitate learning from past experiences
-Jacaranda, suitable for dispersion and lack of constancy in private and professional life
-Kangaroo paw, for immaturity in addressing others

Australian flowers: contraindications

As we have seen, each of the many types of Australian flowers has specific actions, so it is important to choose the right floral essence. In any case, however, regardless of the essence to be used, it must be remembered that they only contain the genetic information of the flower.

This means that they do not have any kind of contraindication and, in this regard, we can say that they can also be administered to the elderly, children and animals. They also do not develop any type of interaction with other medicines, so they can also be taken during drug therapies. However, it is always a good practice to contact your doctor before starting to use these remedies, so that he can direct you to the most suitable variety of flower for your problem.

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